The Corner Of DARK AVENUE and Rock it Street!

Listen up my Lovelies, you’ve probably heard me speak of DARK AVENUE over the last few years. They were actually my first face to face interview scheduled via a publicist back in 2016 when I started this gig! Oddly enough, they are also good buds of mine from back in the ol’ days as three of the current DARK AVENUE band line up tore up stages across the southwest in a band called PISTOL WHIPPIN’ IKE. I know, funny name but they had some killer music. Look them up – you may dig ’em!

But I digress…as the kids say now days. Despite the reasons we might want to ignore the past (or hit delete in some cases), the past is a part of all of us. There are some things I know would be easier if they didn’t exist – but we are who we are because of that road we’ve traveled. Or in this case, the Avenue – the DARK AVENUE, that is.

Ok, lemme say that I’m not saying that DARK AVENUE’S looking forward without carrying the baggage. Not in one syllable. I’m just referencing a few things, ya feel me? Cool…Now that we have that out of the way, I feel much better, Ps…DARK AVENUE is a band that you’re going to want to find ASAP. This Active Rock/Heavy Rock Band because they do not mince their meat of music. There is familiarity in their music because it’s written for people to rock out to and even shake the booty to, even. The parts are pieced together from pro’s, now…and you won’t find a band that creates the illusion of having toured the world than DARK AVENUE.

While a big tour is indeed something this band has coming ’round the mountain, they will not have any issue filling the gaps whilst on the road. MARIO KADENA is a spectacular super star with one of the most – and I mean this with every fiber of my being – one of the most intricate and pitch perfect voices I’ve ever heard. There is strength, there is emotion – positive and negatively charged emotions that is. MARIO can whip out a blastulas note and drop right into a whisper. He has a groove on stage that will overtake an audience and you don’t k now if you should bang your head or grab someone and start the mambo. He definitely has that latin swagger that combines a killer crooner-esque, Iglesias kind of groove…well, that is if that Iglesias likes to rock hard AF! And I’ll be frank here – and I’ve seen this 100 times over the years that I’ve seen him play: MARIO will woo the Fraggle Rock off an audience – gals and guys – I’ve seen it happen, hand to god! It’s a “thing” that no matter how hard your heart is on the outside, you will leave with a sway to your steps and a tear in your heavy metal eyeball!! But just in one – not both, just one.

MARIO is backed by BARRY LORBERBAUM (Guitar), JEFF HATHCOCK (Drums), Andrew Lewthwaite (Guitars), and Alan Sauls (Bass). Lemme talk a bit about the percussion/drums first from JEFF HATHCOCK – boy oh boy! As smooth as satin, JEFF plays his custom green and black kit (I think it’s a dw) and soul-tone cymbals with effortless trills and quick bass thuds that blend perfectly with the music of DARK AVENUE. There is perfection here lovelies, and I can’t say that I know anything technical about the drums or drummers – but I know when they are kick ass, that’s for sure (IMHO, that is). I do know that JEFF doesn’t have to showboat to command attention – although I have seen him do it, but he just plays his kit like a pro and more importantly, the way he plays fits with the band’s music like white on rice. #truth

ANDREW LEWTHWAITE can light up a stage with the riffs that he trades off with BARRY LORBERBAUM in time and with some sonic force, y’all. There are two distinct sounds coming from both guitars but they play in concert with MARIO’S vocals and the lows of the bass. These two are fun to watch on stage as well and frankly, I like to see a band have a great time up doing what they do best! It’s evident within the music and the stage show the band delivers with these two guitarists at the helm! You can hear the A7F, SEVENDUST, a lil bit o DIME, and that unique twangy tone that comes from listening to STEVIE RAY VAUGHN, ZZ TOP, AND ANY METAL BAND FROM THE 80’S SPILL OUT FROM THESE GUYS. BARRY conjures up that gaze that draws in an audience when he plays and while some people can’t get away with this, BARRY can, with a vengeance! And on the opposite side, ANDREW smiles and connects with the audience in just the way a Rockstar should.

ALAN holds this combustible concoction together with the lows on the bass. There is a great responsibility in this task because if there wasn’t someone to tame the lion-like energy, I would be talking about another band and you wouldn’t know about DARK AVENUE. Seriously, the ability to bring a calmness to the bounce of a song with an instrument on stage deserves massive praise!

Now, here’s the deal; DARK AVENUE has a caveat that is very distinctly unique. Yes, they’re just another rock band. Yes, they’re damn good, real good. Yes, they’re all talented with their instruments. So are a lot of other bands. Yep…but those bands don’t have the ability to take their music to a completely other audience…not another genre – but an entirely different audience with maybe 5% being one in the same. MARIO is originally from Mexico City, and has toured all over Mexico before moving to the US a few moons ago. He is fluent in Spanish and can sing a song in either language or both. Look, anyone can learn a song in another language, even if it is your native tongue. But ask anyone how difficult it is to seemingly switch gears vocally in the middle of a song – especially if it’s not written in that language from the jump.

This is why I love DARK AVENUE so much – they have a huge opportunity to take their music to the masses times two! If you’re just joining the planet, the latin market severely lacks a band that can shake it up like DARK AVENUE can (and will). If you’re not familiar with this band, you need to get acquainted with them right now. Like their socials, buy their music on Amazon, Google, or anywhere digital music can be purchased. Stream them on Spotify – just get your hands on their music!!

I’ve included the OMV FOR THE BAND’S SINGLE “(dON’T) Hold On” BELOW. Now, while you’re there subscribe to their YouTube Chanel and do what you do with content you love: like it and share it! You might wanna check out their latest OMV for “The Light” as well. I just personally dig the hell outta “(Don’t) Hold On” but that’s not to say “The Light” isn’t as good. Just watch and listen!! Then spread the news, like jelly on a buttamilk biscuit!

Til next Time – MRML – Cherri

Mad Respect | Much Love

Photo Credits: Cherri Bird 2019

OMV for (Don’t) Hold On – DARK AVENUE