Back by popular demand – way popular, I might add – is STATIC-X, the band that broke rock boundaries by putting that industrial swing into tunes you could jump to. Twenty years after the release of “Wisconsin Death Trip” , the multi-platinum record that solidified STATIC-X’S place in Nu-Metal (with a twist) is back.

And though the rock world lost the front man in 2014 who made “Wisconsin Death Trip” so visually appealing, Wayne Static is magically back behind the mic and playing the songs from this ever-important record, front and center, and in your face. Well, that’s if you’re lucky to see a show, that is. It just so happens that the 2019 Winter Tour staring STATIC-X, DOPE, WEDNESDAY 13, DROWNING POOL, RAVEN BLACK & MUSHROOMHEAD began in Austin, Texas this past Friday (November 6th) and continues for a few weeks, see dates and scheduled appearances below.

When this tour was rumored to take place early this year, the rock world had mixed feelings about who or what would replace or take shape behind the mic. Some thought it would be a hologram, some thought there would be a replacement or new “Wayne” altogether. But what manifested was altogether shocking for most fans that saw the band on those first dates of the tour. The innerwebs were buzzing about “Who was Wayne Static?” and some people were shocked that what they saw was a combination of Wayne and an anomaly of how he would be, if his physical form was still here on earth. And some thought they knew who was behind the “mask” of the performer that played him so well. There were photos circulating proving the identity of the doppelganger from beyond and eye-witness accounts that took the wind out of those sails with spotting the “would be” in the audience of shows, watching his supposed self perform as Wayne.

See for yourself from these show pics as to why it should be crystal clear that the identity of this front man plays 2nd to the music the whole band creates and makes seeing STATIC-X in 2019 a must for fans!

Having been at one of these shows myself, and up close and in the pit with a zoom lens, I can confirm this fact: I do not know who is performing as Wayne Static. And honestly, does it matter? IMHO, it does not matter in any way shape or form – literally – who steps into those shoes when the band takes the stage. It is actually in some ways, comforting to think for just a set, a live show, that Wayne has come back to the physical world for 45 minutes to an hour to sing the songs like “Push It” or “Bled For Days”. It’s also entertaining AF to watch the band relive these songs on stage and interact with the apparition or entity that has taken the form of the iconic front man, if only for that 45 minutes or so.

Bands that can come together and reform after a tragedy like the loss of someone as magnanimous as Wayne Static have a bond with the music they made and the fans that love it that surpass what happens in this physical plane; and that is what STATIC-X does. Live, in this form, they shoot out with a wanton force, the music that wrote the DNA that created a clashing catechistic sound that captivated so many fans.

And as these chants are continued by whatever force, entity, or person that chooses to become Wayne Static for the moment, does it matter if the identity is confirmed? Does it matter if it’s this person or maybe that one? Nope. Not in my personal opinion, it doesn’t. And even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell…

Or would I?

Here’s the dates for the 20th Anniversary of Wisconsin Death Trip STATIC-X Tour and make sure you catch it now…you’ll never know when they’ll be back!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri