Dallas heavy hitters, EVEN THE DEAD LOVE A PARADE (ETDLAP), have caused whispers in the rock scene for about the last five years or so. There was such a buzz about them, they had a record deal surrounding their demo. Most of 2013 was spent touring with some of the best-known bands like KORN, ASKING ALEXANDRIA, DROWNING POOL, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, HELLYEAH, and more. Even with this strong start, the band took a backseat to the member’s other projects and priorities.. Playing some dates here and there as well as specific, hand picked dates, ETDLAP, continued to roll on as a band.

Fast forward to 2019 and ETDLAP is supporting the big SEVENDUST show and I’d get to see the band strut it on stage at one of my favorite places to see a show, The Bomb Factory. This is the big daddy of event spaces in Deep Ellum that boasts one of the best sound rigs in all of Texas along with a space that no matter where you are in the venue’s multiple seating options, you’ve got killer optics to whoever is performing on the stage.

I think a fan’s connections with an artist becomes solid (…solid as a rock) when an artist can deliver a punch in their live performance. I mean, there is nothing like watching a band do their deed right in front of your face, am I right? The songs can be cool as they let out the goosebumps from a recording, but it’s another thing when their show brings it, too. Maybe it’s just me, but if the two things; the record and the live show, can slay, then I’m in.

Look y’all, music isn’t always about who is playing it. It doesn’t need to identify the place where the music comes from. If it can generate a reaction, and you can conjure up angels and process pesky demons, is it important who is playing it? I would say no. I mean the importance in the players can come later, if they even matter at all. The band, its collective, is what matters the most to me, speaking solely of the music and whether or not the music creates that echo that pings and shows up on my radar, ya dig?

ETDLAP showed strong last Sunday and if you are looking for a band that gets down with the heavy metal and adds a twist, you’re going to want to take ETDLAP out for a spin. #trust


ETDLAP was second on Sunday’s bill and watching from the pit from behind my camera, my mind opened and I saw a band expose themselves in magnificent measures. The singer, JORDAN CONDERY is insanely good. Where has this guy been? He is a front-man that looks like he lives on stage he is so comfortable up there. I mean, dadgumit the dude can sing like the dickens! His comfortability was at times, like an itchy wool sweater it seemed; the sweater provided warmth that superseded the itchiness while on the skin. JORDAN showed an uncompromising side of himself that to most went unnoticed, but I picked up on something through the music or his performance that I found familiar, I guess. He definitely was victorious with that set. I hope someone videoed the show because he needs to watch it if there is any doubt that he belongs on stage, doing what he does. There is an incredible amount of talent in even the rawest movements he displayed. Natural, poised with a spot on vocal pitch and tone, and my favorite, the energy that he tried to stifle or control was brilliantly woven into the music that backed him.

BRAXTON HENRY is kind of a big deal here in Dallas, if not further. He has made a name in recording bands because he’s a badass. He’s worked with bands like KING’S X, BOWLING FOR SOUP, the TOADIES, and DROWNING POOL dialing them in on tour so their sound goes balls deep. So in knowing this, is it any surprise that as a player, he’s bad to the bone as well? No, no it’s not. His playing was fluid, loud and grisly, but the riffs and hooks were as destructive as an anvil to a coyote, ya that heavy. Because BRAXTON can dial in sound like Gandalf dials in to the Hobbits, it’s only right that his tone and sound would conjure, right? Werd…

MATT RAEFELE was impressive to watch and since it was my first time seeing him play (to my recollection), his sense of connecting with the crowd through what he played was amazing. Along with the sick licks that came from his rig – it was perfectly mixed with BRAXTON’S tones and even though there were differences in what they were playing – I don’t know what the gurus call the differentiating elements in the rhythm and lead guitars besides different parts and solos. All I know, the music that came out yielded some fierce head-bangs and rock horns from the crowd as they rocked it.

Bassist, STEVIE BENTON, has been with DROWNING POOL since the late 90’s, not to mention being a staple in music here in Dallas. I’ve seen DP a gazillion times and while I’m in no way making any comparisons between the two bands, I found it rather refreshing to see MR. BENTON step on stage with another band. I’ve never seen him play with anyone but DP. (Unless you count the band he was in back in high school, but you’re probably not counting that, huh?) STEVIE has mastered the bass and how to drop the lows right along side the drums. He did bring the bass with a mesh of tempo and a jarring lower register that was surely meant to call up the darkness. It was fresh AF and gave fans the proof that playing bass in a rock band, is indeed him answering and fulfilling a calling.

CLINT LITTON was a beast to watch on the drums, pounding out the tempos that the audience got behind. Furiously fast, CLINT took all of the energy from the band and funneled it out and into the middle of the crowd with fervor. It was difficult to capture him tucked back in the shadows behind the kit. But let’s be honest, aren’t thunks and pows from the drums more meaningful and dramatic in a dance of lights and smoke? Ya, I thought so too. I will say that I could grove to the mix of what he did during the set and that is super important when you’re in the metal, right?

Suffice to say, ETDLAP‘s set was killer and by my observation coming out of the pit at the 4th song, the audience was gettin’ down with them. They were hugely pro looking, sounding, feeling during the whole set. These five dudes are as seasoned on stage as Arby’s curly fries out of the fryer.

Look this band up on socials and take a listen to their music on Spotify or ReverbNation and if you like what you hear, know that if they do tour at some point or play in Dallas again, you’ve gotta go see them. Put them on your dance card, Lovelies! #pinkieswear

Enjoy the snaps of their set and share them with your friends…everyone’s doing it! I’ll have more from SEVENDUST’S set and snaps of DOWNLO coming up soon! Watch for it and follow me on socials for even more from the shows I covered last week and the shows coming up!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri