The band is currently co-headlining a tour with DIRTY HEADS

The most loved rock fused with so-cal/alternative music for almost 30 years is blazing a trail over North America with DIRTY HEADS, The Interrupters, Dreamers, and Bikini Trill! A staple for summer, the 311 tour is a must see for this Bird every YEAR.

In fact, there are three bands that I make a point to see every summer and if for some reason I don’t see them, the summer isn’t quite the same. Of course one of these bands is, 311 and as luck would have it…nah, who am I kidding? There’s no luck here, I manifested 311 and DIRTY HEADS to be on the same bill, Lovelies! (Y’all can thank me later.) The other band is SLIGHTLY STOOPID, FYI! Now, since we went to New York to see them, is it a coincidence that 311 and DIRTY HEADS are together? Nope…I don’t believe in coincidences!

This tour makes a stop in DFW next week and I’ll have all the dets on the show, the performances, fan reactions and of course Pics From The Pit! So make sure you come back here On August 8th, okie dokie? #thumbsup

311’s Nick Hexum – Photo Credit: Cherri Bird (C) 2018

Nick Hexum says, “I think this album is very eclectic, from simple songs to wild studio adventures that get into weird, stoney outer-space material,” says Hexum. “It’s another step forward for us and we love the adventure, love the journey, love the process and we can’t wait for people to hear it.”

OLV for “Space and Time” from 311 – Out Now!

Here are the remaining dates for this tour – just click here! oH, AND MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT special vip packages AND MORE TOO!