If you had the opportunity to see ROYAL THUNDER this time out with DEAD NOW and TEMPTRESS, you were one of the "lucky" ones. The luck spills over to my side of the street tonight in Dallas when ROYAL THUNDER rolls into town to play Club Dada. I've seen ROYAL THUNDER every time they've come through Dallas at different venues since 2016 and have never been disappointed. Small stage, big stage, small crowd, packed house; it doesn't matter. ROYAL THUNDER manages to bring a mesmerizing mix to the air and a sound that captivates the crowds by the foursome's music.

MLny PARSONZ has to be one of the most powerful bassists I've seen perform live, ever. (Y'all know I love the bass!) As a vocalist, she moves an audience to a still place within, sits them down, and sings to the specifics of each listener's life. Her ability far supersedes talent; in the past, I've equated her to a descendant of the mythical siren, once removed. Mixed with JOSH WEAVER and WILL FIORE'S gracious guitars ebb and flow around her voice that turns bad dreams into fairy tales. There's just something about the mojo of this band that travels like a rubber band launched through the air; sometimes when it hits you, it snaps on your skin leaving a mark, other times it barely grazes you but you're acutely aware that it has been there.

If you're in Dallas tonight - that's Tuesday, June 18th; you need to come out to Deep Ellum and see ROYAL THUNDER at one of the oldest clubs in the area; Club Dada. I haven't seen TEMPTRESS or DEAD NOW live so this show should be the cat's meow, if ya know what I mean!

According to the event page on Facebook, the show starts at 7 PM - I can't confirm this is the time the doors open or when the first band starts, so get down here ASAP tonight! In the meantime, enjoy some photos from the last time ROYAL THUNDER was in Dallas at the World Famous Trees!

The band's latest record WICK is available for purchase on iTunes and for gently streaming on Spotify. Follow ROYAL THUNDER by clicking the icons below!