Supporting their latest release, “Victim Of The New DiseaseALL THAT REMAINS continues their road rally across the US. On this leg of the tour and in Dallas, ATR had TOOTHGRINDER, BAD OMENS, and LACUNA COIL that made this show so killer! These four bands offer their take on metal in four different ways and that is why a bill like this is super rad! Audiences get to witness the power of metal interpreted various ways that slay!

I loved seeing BAD OMENS play again and with every show, they just keep sharpening their blade; almost to perfection. NOAH SEBASTIAN is coming into the bad ass he was born to be, fronting BAD OMENS. Their latest release is gaining ground with fans because the crowd was singing along to most every song. It is so cool to watch a band come up; especially one like BAD OMENS. I still see great things for this band, so keep your eye on ’em!

Opening the show, however was the energetic onslaught of TOOTHGRINDER and just like their name suggests, they bring the heavy in ways that will make you feel like you’re grinding your teeth. Loud, erratic, poised, and playful, TOOTHGRINDER is serving up a show that you must see. You simply must.

LACUNA COIL opened for ATR and as my first time to see this dramatically infused rock band with shards of progressive rock in the mix, I was really impressed with the way they can deliver a set. Fans responded like metal to a magnet and I’m pretty sure that if fans could have, they would have been happy to be attached to this band. LACUA COIL mixes it up with nu-metal pounce, old school guitar riffs that tell a story right along Cristina Adriana Chiara Scabbia and Andrea Ferro’s lyrics. In fact, the male/female fronted band remains current and so freaking good because of their ability to tell such a vivid story through the song and the lyrics, both. I was super impressed with their set and hope these Italian rockers come back in the near future! If it’s been a minute since you’ve seen them, look em up and go see them or spin their Spotify again. You’ll be glad you did!

ALL THAT REMAINS really came into focus for me with the release of “Victim Of The New Disease“. I really connected with the lyrics and the overall song structure throughout the whole record. (You can read my Record Review by clicking the button below!

A bands has my ears perked up when they can drop a record that stirs all the gooshy human stuff up inside but the best part is when their live show duplicates and reinforces these feelings live. Whether it is from the energy of the band that radiates out into the crowd to visibly stir them up, or if the songs just go deeper in the channel they’ve already carved out, ATR does this and more at a show.

Gauging from the responses from the packed house at Gas Monkey Live, they must agree, because the audience came alive and rocked it front and stirred up the pit ferociously! Now Lovelies,you know that a band that bring the metal and bring the ballad-like music are definitely in my Squad. I like to throw it down with some heavy and then get goosebumps with the songs of the heart; even if they’re metal hearts. ALL THAT REMAINS can do this with perfection, y’all. Case in point: “Everything’s Wrong” and then follow that up with “F*ck Love” and you’ll understand what I mean.

Combo’s like this are just as appealing as the ones you can find at a drive-thru at 2 AM! And just as perfect as a snack is at that time, ALL THAT REMAINS is perfectly poised to bring you that same satisfaction. PHILIP LABONTE has a gritty, manly-man, sexy speaking voice that makes a person listen and then can repeat that same quality 100 times on stage with his singing voice. #hand2god What I admire about PHILIP is the commitment he has to music and how he continues to roll on down the highway, come what may. This is a characteristic that is hard to overlook when you hear the music of ATR because from both the lyrics and the power behind them, you know that he and the band as a whole is doing what they love to do.

ALL THAT REMAINS has always produced phenomenal guitar licks. From MIKE and the late OLI HERBERT, who passed away in 2018 (RIP) the two played together like grits and butter; yummy. With the addition of JASON RICHARDSON, MIKE and he play like grits and cheese, with a hint of butter in the middle of the mix of the two. JASON’S been a fan of OLI‘s so the influence is unmistakable in his playing. Now, I will say this about JASON – he’s one of the best players I have ever witnessed play, ever. #nojoke I covered his solo tour a year or so ago and was literally blown away. I had never gone to a show that featured a guitar player. I had never had the desire to see that kind of show, you know? I like to sing along and it’s just never been my cup of tea. Well, until I saw JASON. Because of his insanely fast and over the top technical abilities on the guitar, I’m a FFL and will follow his endeavors forward, from seeing his solo tour. He’s that good y’all. But I probably don’t have to tell you that, right?

JASON COSTA (DRUMS) and AARON (BASS) can seriously pack in the lows that hit ya above and below the belt. I love COSTAS’S quick responses to the tempos and his double bass kicks are fast AF. He drums like the good drummers from the 90’s do. That crazy-ass mechanical sounding beats that are played with hands and feet – and then the knowledge of the electric elements of drum drops. His playing reflects his preference, I believe. Listen and tell me what you think he prefers. What? No, I’m not going to tell you what I think yet. At least one of you has to answer. So go listen and tell me what you think. You will hear some platinum drums and some dope lows influenced by AARONS bass lines. I promise.

All of these characteristics of ATR is evident in their live show and after seeing them anytime they come to Dallas, they’re one of my Top 5 to see live. Thing is, they get better every time I see them…or maybe I just get closer to the music; especially off “Victim Of The New Disease” . I dunno, and I don’t really think it matters, right? Who cares if they’re in my Top 5 to see live – as long as I’m here and they’re making music, I’m in!

Show standouts for this Birdie were “Fuck Love“, “Just Tell Me Something“, “What If I Was Nothing” – and pretty much all of the set TBH. You’re going to get a whole mess of metal, loud AF and see three other bands that will slay any negative angst you have welded up or wound in there tight; it’ll get expelled like the peskiest of demons in an exorcism – and I mean that in the nicest possible way…ya feel me?

Enjoy the show snaps and look for my chat with PHILIP LABONTE coming up, right here at the!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri