The month of February is full of the good stuff that helps to solidify the year and get you settled for the next ten months, right? There’s the Super Bowl, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, National Cheddar Day, National Love Your Pet Day, International Condom Day, World Day of Social Justice, Mardi Gras, and Ash Wednesday and I’m sure I’ve left stuff out that you could add to this list. But if you think about it, having a bad February, can make or break the rest of our year. And well in 2020 since this is a Leap Year, it is especially special to those of you that were born on February 29th that get to celebrate your birthday on the actual day! February is full of new releases as well that add to this month’s greatness and setting up 2020 to be balls out bad ass!

Last week, the bands that dropped their newness that caught my eye were: WHAT WE LOST and KARABAS BARABAS! Check them out below and make sure you give the bands listed here a LIKE and a SHARE, ya dig?


Karabas Barabas has turned up the absurdism to eleven with their junior release Degenerate National Anthem.  To tell a dozen degenerate tales they once again enlisted the help of sonic guru Steve Albini.   Along with multi Grammy winner Dean Jones and veteran cellist Jane Scarpantoni (weenbeastie boys) the team of degenerates poured their blood sweat tears and sh*t into DNA.  After Bob Weston (Shellac), mastered it in his ancient Egyptian space ship in North Chicago it was finally worthy of it’s title Degenerate National Anthem.


WHAT WE LOST is the latest in a talented conveyor of melodic hardcore acts coming out of Italy; the new record shows the Modena act straying from the more traditional melodic hardcore sound, bleeding in influences from emo and shoegaze on the thoughtful but thoroughly engrossing 3-track.


With the advent of bands such as Royal Blood and Highly Suspect, Justin Benlolo was inspired, and recognized the potential for a “different kind of band—that’s not too macho and slick, but edgy enough for the punks.” Justin started tracking demos for BRKN LOVE and shortly after determined that Joel Hamilton (Highly Suspect, Pretty Lights) was the perfect producer.  Joel responded to the tracks by inviting him to Brooklyn to record at his Studio G. Together, they cut the 11 tracks that would comprise the album as the band landed a deal with Spinefarm Records after a New York showcase. Make sure you check out my interview with Justin over at – just click here!


“After our first ten years, we looked at The Word Alive as a whole,” says Telle. “We had two options. We felt like we could go backwards and piggyback off our early records, or we could continue down the path we’ve been going on for the last couple of albums and really try to create a signature sound. That’s what we chose. We wanted to do something different and push the boundaries of what we’re capable of. We’re really taking risks.”


Attuned listeners may also hear a palpable undercurrent of anxiety and paranoia in POLARIS‘ songs such as “Hypermania”. It stems not only from the pressure of following The Mortal Coil, but from the fact that while writing The Death Of Me each member was coming to terms with their world being turned upside down by the success of their debut. After all, when Furnari co-founded Polaris in Southern Sydney in 2012 with vocalist Jamie Hails, guitarist Rick Schneider and bassist/vocalist Jake Steinhauser – lead guitarist Ryan Siew joined in 2013 – they spent the next five years as a strictly local, underground concern. Now they’d been thrust into a life of international touring, complete with the euphoric highs of sold out shows and the crushing lows that happen in the silence that follows.


If you disregard the façade, peel back the layers, and take a closer look, you might get to the truth. The Amity Affliction cocoon raw honesty in haunting hooks, pummeling grooves, and rapturous riffs. The Australian heavy alternative quartet—Joel Birch [vocals], Ahren Stringer [vocals, bass], Dan Brown [lead guitar], and Jon Longobardi [drums]—unearth a powerful truth on their seventh full-length and debut for Pure Noise Records, Everyone Loves You Once You Leave Them.

5FDP – F8 – (2/28)

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH have set 2020 up to be another massive year with the release of F8, their eighth studio release and an insanely billed, headlining tour with PAPA ROACH, I PREVAIL, & ICE NINE KILLS! Look, if you’re looking for an explosive time at a rock show, this would be the show to attend. It is going to go off!

I hope your February is amazing – I know mine will be with all of these bands and more, releasing their killer music into the ether for us to grab! I’ll have record reviews coming up soon – so make sure Y’all are dialed in and signed up to know when more news is added to the site! And of course, slide over to any time to check out the news on a gazillion bands all over the world, m’kay!?

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri