Want to see a rock video that designates the root of a generation of rock fans, once divided, now united? Look no further than “The Signal Fire” from a band that has shaped and simultaneously influenced heavy music since their inception; Killswitch engage!

I can’t spoil it for you so if you’ve not seen the latest video for “The Signal Fire”, watch it here, right now, then come back to finish reading this article. ok, Ready? GO!!

Holy balls Ladies and D’Jents!!! Even knowing that Jesse and Howard were both on this video before I watched it, didn’t prepare me for what I felt as this song progressed.

The build up to Howard’s appearance was subtle and like a creeping fox stalking a mouse, all of a sudden there Howard was! Enter the goosebumps; I could see them marching over my arms down to my legs and I felt my hair grow as they produced an amazing feeling while watching the rest of the video! What I loved about this video was that I could not only hear the emotions from both Howard and Jesse in the audio, I could literally see and feel it power through like Nacho Libre putting on his spandex in a rush to get to the match.

No more following this endless maze
Separation will define the new way
What’s broken is what leads us all astray
The chosen are renewed in amnesty
Broken, hopeless, the state of all our fates
Revolted, woken, lead us from this place

Nowhere to hide, strength realigned
The signal fire’s alight
Given to fight, there’s hope just in sight
The signal fire’s alight

“The Signal Fire” – Killswitch Engage feat. Howard Jones – From the new record ATONEMENT via Metal Blade Records

Since 1999, when the band formed and through Howard’s departure and Jesse’s arrival, there has been a Team Jesse, a Team Howard, and a Team Neutral, if you will, associated with KsE. Whatever side of the fence you’ve been on in the past, you’ll have to know now that fence has been removed and demolished.

“This video is a demonstration of solidarity and unity,” says Leach. “This is for the fans and this is our testimony to all who see this video. In these times we live in, I believe this is an important message — not just for us as a band and our fans but for all of humanity. This is a call for compassion and understanding! There is strength in unity.”


In times where citizen battles citizen, the message of unity is one we can all benefit from participating in practicing. And if these guys can do it, so can anyone else. Whether big or small, any issues are just based on a difference of opinion or ideal. Honestly, a lot of the time the end result is what both sides want; it’s just getting there that causes the conflict.

“It was another silly day at the office,” says Jones. “Good food, lots of wrestling talk, and hanging with the boys is a great way to spend the day and get a little work done. Shout out to Ian McFarland for making everything painless at the shoot. The day was all smiles — with a hint of metal.”


And if you haven’t picked up ATONEMENT and want to read my review, click here, then go buy the record now!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri

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