Lovin’ this line up!

Officially, the countdown to Rocklahoma 2019 can begin NOW! This year’s line up was announced today and let me tell y’all it is one of the best festival schedule I’ve seen since…well, since never!! This festival is going to SLAY!!

Look my Lovelies, just gaze upon the festival flyer…go on, look at it:


Now, if you’ve never been to Pryor, Oklahoma for Rocklahoma the past 12 years, you must not let this year go by without your beautiful faces there! There is an enormous excitement that surrounds the festival grounds starting Monday, May 20th as campers roll in an set up their campsite for the long weekend. Last year, some of the campsites were slick!! Rocklahoma Fans do not skimpout on making sure they’ll have a comfortable and killer place to crash and party the Memorial Day Weekend! Pools, slides, towers, airconditioned tents, lights, music, and yes, a lot of music! And I’m not describing a pimped out RV, y’all! These are custom campsites that should be featured in a high-end, decor magazine!

Come on, anyone can string up 1`17,903 twinkle lights over some chicken wire bent to look like an alien impersonating President Trump, right? Rocklahoma Fans are creative with the duct tape and zip ties!!

All of this fun leads up to the culmination of the warm, spring nights lit up by stage lights that shine on the best bands on radio, satellite radio, and streaming playlists. There is literally something for everyone.

There’s only 128 days until gates open and Early Bird Tickets go on sale this Thursday so make sure you click here to get all ready to hit CHECKOUT as you pick your tickets and campsites!

And check back frequently because we have some pretty special surprises for this year!

Til Next Time – Cherri