How we get by, hangs in the balance with positive thinking, support from family & friends, and a feeling of belonging to a community. In my neighborhood, Deep Ellum, Texas (an area of Downtown Dallas), the spirit of community has been solid since the early 1900’s. No, that isn’t a typo or an untrue fact; it is a fact, factually speaking. (#NotFakeNews #MSMisFakeNews #JustSayin)

That said, 2020 has seen some massive changes. Wide-spread growth that steps way out of the bounds of what businesses Deep Ellum has been used to housing, constant construction, and growing pains that come along with revitalization. On March 13, 2020 – a Friday at that, Texas Governor Gregg Abbot and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, quickly and with superhero vengeance did what they knew to do in order to protect their citizens: they shut Dallas down in stages and as needed. Deep Ellum and all of its glory came to a screeching halt as we braced for impact.

Like a majority of communities around the world, life changed in ways that no one could imagine or even make up. Like some scene out of a sci-fi novel (Dean Koontz‘s 1984 to be specific), the unheard of happened. You all know the rest of the story, it’s not much different than other areas in any part of the world. Since the fateful Friday the 13th of March, restaurants and other retailers have had to drastically change they way they do business for the foreseeable future.

One of my favorite places to eat in Deep Ellum is Brick & Bones on Elm Street, just a hop, skip, and a jump from The Bird’s Nest. The BF and I first started going there when we first started hanging out almost four years ago. I remember the first time he brought food home after a late night for both of us and our late-night picnicked with fried chicken, deviled eggs, corn, and mashed potatoes feast was devoured with a quickness!

I’d say this is the hipster version of a chicken shack and I mean that in the nicest possible way! Literally, the whole menu is as fancy AF, but the origins probably didn’t originate from champagne frivolity; the fancy comes from the feel good feelings flying from your mouth in the form of crumbs from fried chicken batter as you shove the crispy goodness in your pie hole! I’m guessing that BRICK & BONES (B&B) was conceived with a cold coke and whiskey. had around a table somewhere and within a conversation someone might have said, “We could totally do this, but better!!”. And they did!

Since I’m not a food critic, this post really shouldn’t be taken as such. Point of the post is B&B’s dynamic place in our community. For the past five years, B&B has made quite the squawk and established themselves in ruling the roost when it comes to their menu and spirit of community. Case in point, they offered a gratis (free as in no bones, bills, or coins) lunch to the first 45 people to show up! Things like this not only fill up your stomach, but fill up the feel good tank that can aid in carrying you to the next day.


Since the mid 1990’s, I’ve been a loosely connected part of this community’s affinity for music and the arts, serving as a Board Member of the old, now defunct DEA or Deep Ellum Association and once worked in Never Again Land – what I refer to the era of the Internet – at a company called Rare Medium. As well as volunteering for the DEFF – Deep Ellum Film Festival for a few years, and getting my feet wet way back then as a writer for a local music magazine, not to mention the countless rock bands I took pictures of (with a film camera, no less) and managing a few bands here and there along that journey. I’ve also met some of the best people that still remain my close core here. In this chapter though, I’ve made Deep Ellum my home and where I work a lot. While these last three decades (eegads, that’s a long time!), Deep Ellum as seen a slew of changes and growth over the years, but one thing has remained a constant; the spirit of community.

Many of the “locals” that live in the neighborhood also work in Deep Ellum. Like the BF who has lived right next to the venue he has worked at for the past 11 years. Or like the illusive booking agent and the knowledge vat of everything local (and beyond)music, now proprietor of THREE LINKS, Scott Beggs and his lady live a stones throw from their bar. And a slew of others that fail to come to my memory at the moment whilst waiting for our gratis lunch outside of B&B this afternoon. (Never fear though, I plan on doing more brief posts about the area like this in the future!)

B&B is easily a staple in our community for not only their delish treats that, during normal conditions, are available late for those service industry peeps getting off the grind. But they’re also known for the genuine presence here in the hood. While survival is the name of the game right now during this pandemic for any business, I find it comforting to my stomach and my spirit that B&B is staying open. Not to mention their providing 45 gratis lunches today to those Service Industry that are still here working.

When Deep Ellum reopens, and I do mean in the tense of sooner rather than later, and if you want a place to spread your quarantined wings (don’t worry they’re not in jeopardy of being lost and served like other flying creatures), you must come down to Deep Ellum!

Put BRICK & BONES on your list to visit or revisit. Have a drink, eat a yummy lunch or dinner, then catch a live rock show at TREES, THREE LINKS, CANTON HALL, BOMB FACTORY, DEEP ELLUM ART CO, THE BLUE LIGHT, or any bar that features local music. Heck, stay for a nightcap at WILL CALL, RENO’S, THE GREEN ROOM, ARMORY, PICOLE POPS (ADULT-BEVERAGE INSPIRED POPSICLES) to name a few. Lunch or brunch or dine at any of these ALL GOOD CAFEE, SERIOUS PIZZA, FREEMAN, TITO’S, WING BUCKET, ANGRY DOG, STIR, RUINS, UNCLE UBER, BUZZBREWS, CAFE BRAZIL, DEEP SUSHI, STONEDECK PIZZA, BIG GUY’S CHICKEN AND RICE, ANVIL, ST. PETE’S DANCING MARLIN, BRAIN DEAD BREWING and so many other places. We even have the DEEP ELLUM OUTDOOR MARKET that is every Saturday on Crodus Street that I hope will be back when we can come out of our shelters!

I know I’ve left out a ton of other places here in Deep Ellum but it’s not intentional, I promise! Check out the Deep Ellum Group on Facebook for even more information! But please make plans to visit all of the places down here in Deep Ellum, you know, after the planet has reset itself and Her residents who are lucky enough to live here, tucked away Deep in the in the Milky Way.

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri