From a boost through a trendy app by the name of TikTok, the band FALLING IN REVERSE is enjoying the spot as the #1 Song on Rock Radio. “Popular Monster” is sitting on the heap this week and some might think this is a surprise, but I don’t. Back in February, I wrote a post about how RONNIE RADKE might be the world’s last rock star, not only due to the obvious, but how he leads the band in creating a poignant music, relevant and exciting for fans old and new.

Case in point, the new, reimagined single of “The Drug In You Is Reimagined” (remix of “The Drug In You Is Me”). There are remixes and then there are reimagined mixes that take a listener further into the song and the band at the same time! What could be better? IMHO, nothing!

Plus, FALLING IN REVERSE has RONNIE RADKE; one of the most prolific rock/metal artists the industry has seen in decades. He’s a master lyricist, that fuses the cadence of the words to riffs and tempos that will literally jab into your ear holes with a sickness! FALLING IN REVERSE’S songs are meant to move you; mind, body, and soul. #truth

FALLING IN REVERSE deserves every bit of the celebration that comes along with a #1 spot on Rock Radio (which is a first for the band as well), as bitter sweet as it might be for the band mates with the passing of DEREK JONES on April 21st of this year. He and RONNIE have been creating music in FALLING IN REVERSE for close to ten years or so. I cannot imagine the roller coaster of emotions amidst this time of grief.

While as uncertain the future might feel right now during the pandemic, the stability of music from bands like FALLING IN REVERSE is something I count on; not only to lift me up but to settle my feet to the ground as well. If you aren’t familiar with FALLING IN REVERSE, by all means familiarize yourself with them by checking out their #1 Radio Rock Song, “Popular Monster” – I’ve conveniently left the video for you below!

Released in late 2019, “Popular Monster” currently has over 19M views on YouTube.

Find FALLING IN REVERSE on Spotify and on the Spotify Cherri Picked 2020 Playlist!

Watch for more from FALLING IN REVERSE including their rescheduled tour, here or on social media!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri