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Look my Lovelies, you know when I can't shut up about a band it's because of the connection that is established or has been established between the band and I, right? Well, if you're new to and didn't know this - now you  do. See, I'm not shackled to any publication, genre, or music entity so when I write about a band it's because I want to and moreover, it's due to me really digging the band. Better yet, I've actually gained something from their music connecting with some part of my being that I needed to hear at that moment.

GEARS is a band that I've been familiar with since their tour last year with ALL THAT REMAINS and them rolling through Dallas. It was a freak show in my city that night with several big shows including theirs in town and then our unpredictable weather slammed into the area making it an ass whip for everyone! I interviewed JIMMY WOOTEN AND TRIP a few hours before their set and had to cover another show on the other side of downtown. I got to see a song and a half before having to go back to the other venue, but sometimes, that's the way it goes for me. I don't have a huge staff on payroll. I do have other freelancers that I can utilize and we can share shows and such, but for the most part, it's me all by my lonesome - rockin' the killer content for you Lovelies to read, watch, look at, and listen in hopes that you find the connection in the music.

What does all of that have to do with GEARS? Well, I'll tell you - since last year, GEARS has popped up here and there, in my Spotify playlists, and I've seen posts on socials since I follow the bands I cover. This past March they released a single entitled TANGO YANKEE which is a song that is dedicated to the people that serve to keep Americans safe; the military, firefighters, police, coast guard, border law enforcement; anyone that sacrifices their time, family's time, and personal safety to keep us all safe. TANGO YANKEE is a song that pays homage to these heroes.

TANGO YANKEE tells a story about gratitude for someone that works in the armed forces, law enforcement, or fire fighters - any first responders that truly sacrifice any semblance of a normal life to keep their community safe. Sometimes, we take for granted that these men and women literally do things that are way outside the normal constrains of "life" for not just their families, but total strangers and their families. And well, GEARS just wanted to say thanks.

First of all, I think writing a song to say thank you to anyone is killer. It's even better when that thank you goes out to a person or group of people that sometimes does a thankless job. I wouldn't think it's on purpose, but we can take for granted the police that patrol our neighborhoods, or the firefighters that stay on duty for 72 hours straight and barely get any rest, the EMT's that are trained to assist broken bones to reviving a person in route to the hospital. These are the people that are heroes and they deserve a gazillion thank yous for doing what others do not, so I think it's completely bad ass that TANGO YANKEE pays tribute to these men and women, right?!

Oddly enough, in my interview with JIMMY, we spend the last 4 or 5 minutes talking about TANGO YANKEE. I'm not joking! This rather long and intense interview is about everything that makes up the foundation for being grateful for fire fighters, police, the armed forces, et al. Our chat was one of substance, a conversation that gave us the goosebumps in some parts of the discussion and validated for us both in other parts of the chat as to why music was important to both of us. It is always super to know that music can be a conduit, a conveyor, a catalyst or it can be an instigator of process, change, and growth.

TANGO YANKEE is the band's newest single and is available to stream on Spotify and anywhere music can be snagged! And did I mention that it features LAJON WITHERSPOON OF SEVENDUST. Y'all know him, right? Ya, it's a sick tune and LJ just puts it over the top, you know? GEARS is a band that can rest on all of the radio rock alt heavy metal borders quite comfortably. There are measures that drag that metal anvil across a concrete garage, and there are riffs that can bounce you up out of your seat. What is so definitive for me, are the charges of electricity that come out of the lyrics and the music that really helped simultaneously connect me to this band.

So I can't wait for the interview to be ready for y'all to get to know JIMMY not just his beats on the drums in GEARS, but for what makes him live and play to the beat of his own drum. In the meantime, check out their Spotify channel by clicking the icon!

Til Next Time - MLMR - Cherri

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