Change can be a catalyst for all kinds of reactions. Experiences, like shards of pottery, glass, and tile in a mosaic, form the chapters in life. As individuals, in a family unit, friendships, marriages, and all kinds of human connections are pieces together to form magnificent mosaics that are brought to life by a simple memory.

I would venture to guess that is also true for the tides of musicians and why reinventing yourself might be hard for some; especially when you’ve been branded a certain way for so long. Sometimes, washing up in the shoreline in high tide works wonders and then other times that emergence comes from having to pull yourself to the tip where the sand meets the terrain.

When an artist that plays in a band I love has these mosaic making moments arise, you bet your sweet a$$ I want to be there and watch! I’m selfishly looking for inspiration in moments of others, and I’ll just lay it out like it is – there are times when change feels like a malevolent bastard that has his giant foot on my head and as much as I flail around to try and get away, I can’t.

So I look for guidance, sometimes to the heavens and sometimes I just have to extend my reach a tiny bit more to escape the giants foot. Because just when I almost succumb to the permanent feeling of being held down, a piece of the mosaic that’s already finished is flicked over for me to grab. Once it’s in my hand, I’m free as if no foot had been holding me there existed before (when I knew my head for sure would be flat from the giant’s foot pressing on my head) and I almost float whilst walking away.

I describe that feeling as such to illustrate how watching someone else squeeze through a dimensional hole and come out on the other side fine and dandy, with the exception of small flesh wounds, is rad AF to me. And I live for moments like this especially in music. And here’s the kicker: if I can remove the foot from pressing down on my head and virtually paralyzing me for a spell, well then I know there are many more who are feeling that same way! If I’ve learned something in the first part of life, it is that I am never the only person that feels things – the good feels and the not so good ones. I’m never alone even though I can talk myself into it from time to time.


JOE GRAH, a true gem in rock that fronts a band like no other with a voice that can blow fans over within the first few notes, just lobbed the shard from my mosaic over to me through the work of his latest project called “Who Ya Dyin’ For”. And I caught that piece quick! Recognizing what it was almost immediately, I didn’t hesitate in putting the tile right in my pocket! Of course, I’m referring to the OMV (watch below) for the single “Who Ya Dyin’ For” as the shiny piece of mosaic from JOE, and right after watching the video, I started writing this.

Watch JOE GRAH’SWho Ya Dyin’ For” below and make sure to like and subscribe to stay on point with upcoming news from him!

I first met JOE here in Deep Ellum in the late 90’s while he was with the band JIBE. They are massive, by the way, check them out. Seriously. In utter amazement for several days after any JIBE show, my head in the clouds trying to gather all that I could from the music. (Um, and no not from chemicals either!) Their reign here is still talked about and revered. And their reunion show in 2017 turned into more than one show. It produced a full-length record and a handful of shows for the band. Some reunion, huh? I mean they booked one of the largest venues in town for that first show and hoped for the best! (Which it almost sold out, PS. Who does that?!? JIBE and JOE GRAH does, that’s who!)

From an outsider, I saw the last show JIBE played and knew there was something happening, somewhere in the space-time continuum’s atmosphere. Although I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, I know or at least, my interpretation of what that movement was is understandable now. I love that music shows me how to process my feelings even when the undertones are far away and yet to come.

2019 ushers in some exciting times for JOE and it is so awesome to see him rise above and come out the victor! I am going to keep an eye out for more news and happenings from JOE’S camp out in Cali and who knows, maybe we’ll have a chance to talk to him about “Who Ya Dyin’ For” and what he has on the books for the remainder of the year and 2020!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri