“Save Us” Prelude To A New Record

ATREYU has a new single out that will knock your socks off, as the OMV started to play, my head popped up from my computer like a meerkat in the desert! This new single, with a new-ish singer stepping out from behind the kit, the song is dank and heavier than most ATREYU tracks from the past. But, that was then. And well, we all know what is now…

Yes, yes, it’s true, Alex Varkatzas recently departed ATREYU. It only makes sense that drummer and clean vocalist Brandon Saller would move into the frontman role. Guitarist Porter McKnight is now handling the harsh vocals, while Kyle Rosa joins the ranks as drummer. For fans of Brandon, this is welcoming news that opens up a wide range of opportunities for ATREYU.

Alex Varkatzas is a monster behind the mic, and that’s not to say this move is wanted or warranted by fans or the band. Sometimes change happens for reasons we aren’t aware of from the jump and it’s only because time passes that we eventually understand why things occur. IMHO, the line up change will diversify the band’s ability to maximize the full offerings of Brandon’s vocal talent. His voice is 🔥 if I can use a cheesy emote to seriously emote my message!

Listen here to the latest single “Save Us” from the upcoming album the band is currently working on via Spinefarm Records.

Here’s what the band says about “Save Us”:

“’Save Us‘ is not only a reflection of where we are musically, but also a mirror to the world in this ominous moment in time,” the band says. “We chose to pair the powerful message with one of the heavier songs we’ve ever written. This song feels like the anthem that we all need right now. To us, it’s a call to action to light the fire in ourselves. We can begin to make great change — but only if we look inside first.”

The band’s overview of “Save Us”.

Who can argue with the band’s plea in “Save Us”? I certainly can’t. There is darkness, there are riots, there are agonizing screams of people saying they need something; that they need to be saved, or at the very least, we need something to help save us; even if it’s from ourselves. And while it’s not my place to say who or what it is that can or will, or won’t, I can say that this seems to be something that is inherently sought after by so many of us that feel the discontent, discomfort, and the distance that is between us and our need for truth.

I’m stoked for the 8th record from ATREYU and I’ll keep y’all posted on all the news from the band!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri