I see this all over Social Media. Someone will post something and that post starts a digital battle on their page. People start tiny wars with 1’s and 0’s in this digital thread and you can literally see the weaponry between the battle sides firing back and forth as the sides defend their position. Then you have the peacekeepers and the people pleasers telling the original poster to stop talking. Stop posting controversy. Shut up! Don’t share anything but the stuff that makes people comfortable. Come on, people!!

Are you serious? This is the rationale behind the cancel culture and how people justify tearing statues down or refuting a part of history because they don’t like the way it makes them feel. Why is it so important that we live in this bubble that doesn’t expose us to anything that creates an uncomfortable feeling? We have forgotten that our reactions to things; our feelings about things are our sole responsibility.

People are not responsible for my feelings; I am. I am not responsible for other people’s feelings. As individuals, unique human beings, we can’t possibly make everyone feel the same. We can’t try and mold pieces of information to fit everyone’s feelings that sees the information. I mean if I try to state information so that it comes across to not offend a person, man, that would be difficult. Not to mention, if I take out part of what I want to say, how would I not be compromising the whole part of what the information is saying?

As an American, we have the right to freedom of speech. We have the right to express ourselves and our opinions regardless of what they are. We can express ourselves without censorship or restraint from the government or laws created by the government. This doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want; freedom of speech is limited to you not being able to incite a riot or violence – like going into a mall and yelling FIRE and trying to claim your words are protected by the First Amendment.

Just because someone doesn’t like what you say or completely disagrees with you about what you say/post doesn’t mean that you should stop posting. I mean you can stop for reasons that you, yourself come to a conclusion about. But you’re not responsible for other people’s feelings about what you say. Of course, the same goes for you, right?

The problem with people trying to silence your opinions or something you post, or these companies trying to do the same is that you could be 100% stating a truth or a fact about a subject and just because these entities don’t agree or don’t like that fact, should not be the reason to silence your voice. If you see something that you don’t like – you have the option to scroll on by and not look or respond. You also have the right to comment. You have the ability to refute the claim based on just your opinion and you also have the ability to go and research that claim to find the truth out for yourself. Facts are not subjective. Facts aren’t opinions. 1 whole apple + 1 whole apple doesn’t make 13 whole apples. Facts exist. Truth exists. Even if getting there has two different people going in different ways to get there.

THE FIRST AMENDMENT: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

“The First Amendment allows us to speak our mind and stand up for what we believe in. However, the limits on free speech are rooted in the principle that we're not allowed to harm others to get what we want. That's why we're not allowed to use to speech for force, fraud, or defamation.”

That above quote from a textbook about Freedom Of Speech is very important in our current political/social climate. What groups, individuals, organizations fall within the above? Who currently has used their freedom of speech to harm other groups or people to get what they want? In my opinion, the press is complicit of disguising their reports under a “free press”. How many times have we seen CNN, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, and more use a story that is 100% untrue to get what they want? If that’s viewers, if that stems from swaying a person’s political opinion – whatever it is that they’re trying to get. Or does the principle behind the First Amendment apply to individuals only? Hmm, something to think about and dig into, that’s for sure.

But, I digress…food for thought for another post.

I say, keep posting what you want people! Everyone has the choice to scroll by and not comment or share, but people also have the right to do so. If you really believe in what you’re posting about, post it! Don’t be afraid that you’re going to spawn some digital battle or if you like stirring the pot, just remember there are consequences for doing so. If you can accept those consequences, post away! You’re not responsible for the way a person feels about something they read on Social Media. The same applies to those that are telling their friends and family members not to post anything that causes uncomfortability or that you disagree with. I mean you’re more than welcome to tell them why you feel the way you feel about what they post, but telling them to stop doesn’t do anything to better the situation. You know what I’m saying?

Ok, rant over – Til Next Time –