With the drop of JOHN 5's newest OMV (Official Music Video) for his single I Am John 5 was released upon the masses at the beginning of March, the road show in support of the new record head out to attack fans for the next 50 some days. Stopping in major markets all over the US and Canada, this North American trek for JOHN 5, DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY, JARED JAMES NICHOLS is a tour that packs a punch for almost any music fan.

If you're looking to be wowed, entertained, rocked, and amazed - this is the show to attend! Without yammering on and on, I'll break it down with the five best reasons that you should see this show, ready? Here we go!


    1. If you've been a fan of rock music over the last 20 years, and never heard of JOHN 5, this is the best reason to go to this show. Because despite not knowing who he is, you've most def heard him play. Having big successes playing in bands like MARILYN MANSON, DAVID LEE ROTH, STEVE PERRY, ROB ZOMBIE, k.d. lang, his band LOSER, and more, JOHN 5 may not be as familiar of a band but I promise you his guitar playing over the last 20 years is very familiar to you.
    2. Chances are if you have been a music fan for the past 20 years, you've either been listening since in the womb or as a toddler and this doesn't apply to you, or you're 40+. Now if you're the later, another great reason to go see JOHN 5 is there is a lack of things to have to remember in order to enjoy the music. You don't have to worry about 4 other band members, there's only three Creatures to contend with: IAN ROSS (BASS) AND LOGAN NIX (DRUMS) and JOHN5. There is a robot and a fucked up looking clown, but you just have to fear them, not remember their names. Since JOHN5 is technically a solo project for a guitarist, there aren't any lyrics to remember. Every song is doused with a rock/industrial/American classic sound that you can bang your head to whilst making up your own lyrics to the show. Visually, the costumes and the stage props lend just the right amount of grit as to not distract you from the music but to cohesively bring the theme of JOHN 5'S INVASION 2019 Tour in focus with the music being played.
    3. If you are a big fan of JOHN 5, then you'll want to score Meet & Greet passes available on this tour because you can then grab an autograph, snag a pic, get merch before anyone else gets in line, you can even maybe ask a question or two about his obsession with KISS memorabilia from the years 1973-1982, specifically.
    4. JOHN 5 always seems to have a very diverse group of artists that tour with him, which is legit. Who wants to hear 4 bands that sound the same? Or that are in the same vein of sound? JOHN 5 brings with him bands that entertain any age, most any fan of any genre of modern rock, and fans that love a good rock show. I mean who doesn't love a good rock show with easy on the eye rock stars, kick ass music, scary clowns, and black lights? I love all of those things except the clowns. I hate them.
    5. There are a ton more reasons, but I'm only going to give you 5 in honor of JOHN 5 and because, well I don't want to give the whole show away (and I'm really slammed TBH). The fifth reason for you to make it a point to go see this show, is that you are going to see a legendary guitarist. A LEGEND! JOHN 5 is a phenomenal player that has played in a ton of music as a ghost player, writer, contributor, you name it. JOHN 5 loves what he does and it is evident in his music and his contribution to music. But it's also evident in the way that he interacts with his fans. Case in point, a friend of mine missed getting to shake his hand  going to his bus after the show. She was running from the lofts next door to the venue and just as the tour bus shut, she got there a millisecond too late. Disappointed, she started to walk off but he came back to the front of the bus and waved at her and gave her a thumbs up for her KISS concert T she wore specifically for him. He could have ignored her screaming at the top of her lungs and not come back to wave at her. But he didn't. He could have also refused to shake hands and kiss babies on his way from the venue to the bus, but he didn't.

To say that JOHN 5 is just another guitarist in a world of rock guitarists that really are the same, is not only insane, it just isn't true. JOHN 5 brings an energy to music by playing a medley of songs that topped the charts over the last 20 years, by offering his work in creative ways and fun stage props that reflect and compliment the music, and this energy is soaked in by the audience that came to see him at Trees. People of all ages, from kids to middle aged adults flock to a JOHN 5 show for all five of the reasons I listed above and more!

Check out the rest of the tour dates in this post and make sure you take a look at the pictures from JOHN 5's set! Don't forget to also look for my interview with the DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY and the pics from their set too!

Til Next Time - MRML - Cherri

Mad Respect | Much Love
Photo Credit: Cherri Bird Photography (c) 2019