“Don’t Mention Love” from Dallas’ Own SECRET OF BORIS Tells All Amidst A Pandemic

There’s something stirring around the country, can you feel it? I can. Starting out with some big releases from bands like BLACK STONE CHERRY and SEVENDUST coming in October, the energy of music is breaking free from the confines of the CCP Virus/CoVid19 that has all but silenced bands and fans alike.

Think about it. It’s an odd time really. I mean there’s a strange vibe in the air that’s almost harmonious with what we gain from music. I feel the need to be surrounded by melodies and tempos again, don’t you?

I don’t know about y’all but I’ve changed since March. Whether that be by force or shut downs and sheltering in place or by some other form of persuasion, for me, what was – isn’t anymore. The variables have transformed, making the results different: that need to absorb everything has been replaced with a natural selection of sorts.

I’ve learned a lot since earlier this year at that last rock show in March. My choices, my movements have to define my future. I have realized that as much as I thought I was moving forward, I was shackled to the past even more than I realized. And I mention this prior to telling you about the video for “Don’t Mention Love”, of course for a reason.

“Don’t Mention Love” from SECRET OF BORIS has come back, in a sense, because it’s a marker for me. Perhaps the intent is to lull me out of the imposed shelter I have created or to unmask the screaming improprieties that have been silenced. SECRET OF BORIS just chiseled a path for me and others, to follow beyond the quiet that was rooting itself in as some kind of new normal.

Now, the band SECRET OF BORIS is not a secret per se, there might be some hidden meanings within the lyrics, but the band has been playing music in plain sight since 2010 to fans in Dallas and all over the world!

A modern rock band fused with a 90’s vibe like ORGY, NIN, and JULIEN-K, fronted by CAMERON TAYLOR, who brings a Sinatra-like flair to an otherwise ominous genre. SECRET OF BORIS directly delivers the message in the OMV for “Don’t Mention Love” visually and melodically, with PARAGRAPH’S stunning synth signaling front and center.

Check out the video below and find out more about SECRET OF BORIS on socials by searching SECRET OF BORIS!

Til Next Time – MRML