Ruckus rockers JOYUS WOLF released “Quiet Heart” as an OMV last week! The song appears on the band’s new EP A Place in Time, out now via Roadrunner Records. The performance-driven video captures the band in their most natural state — performing onstage.

“Quiet Heart” from Joyous Wolf

JOYOUS WOLF have a knack for performing and over the last year or so, the band has played anywhere and everywhere they could. From small gigs to huge festivals, these rowdy and wonderfully talented musicians have gone full throttle in ensuring their music is played and available to all who want to listen. Nick Reese, guitarist Blake Allard, bassist Greg Braccio, and drummer Robert Sodaro make up the band. Front man NICK, is a powerhouse behind the mic and in front of an audience.

Hailing from So-Cal, there is already a vibrancy about the band that, to me, is like radiant sun beaming down and warming your face. JOYOUS WOLF music has an element of California rock that must be intertwined in the DNA of these guys and they let is show during any performance. Truthfully, it’s almost scary how such an unfiltered or unintentional force shines through in their performances!

But don’t take my word for it, make sure you watch their OMV and then tell us what you think, better yet – find the band on socials and let them know! Then – go buy their record, y’all! JOYOUS WOLF will appreciate it!