Have y’all heard this Holy Rollernew remix from SPIRITBOX featuring Ryo Kinsoshita of CRYSTAL LAKE? Look, I was an instant fan from the jump when I first caught wind of Holy Roller back in June before its release in July. This version, man o man! It’s like the song hasRead More →

“Don’t Mention Love” from Dallas’ Own SECRET OF BORIS Tells All Amidst A Pandemic There’s something stirring around the country, can you feel it? I can. Starting out with some big releases from bands like BLACK STONE CHERRY and SEVENDUST coming in October, the energy of music is breaking freeRead More →

Innovative New Video: “Maritime Panic” Streaming NOWFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 14, 2020 – New York electronic artist VEXILLARY examines a culture based on surveillance with their new EP, SurViolence. The video for the single, “Maritime Panic” was directed by Reza Seirafi, edited by Svitlana Zhytnia and features visuals by LuqmanRead More →

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 26, 2020 – Blind Mice Productions and industrial band RIOLEGION have announced the release of the new full-length RIOTLEGION album, Machine Liberation. “The album, like many other of my releases, comes from a place of angry optimism. For instance: Liberty for security: too many people are willing to give up their freedomRead More →

WHY IT’S OFF TREND TO QUESTION ANYTHING IN 2020 Stay away from “conspiracy theorists” they say adding, “conspiracy theories” are dangerous because they take the focus away from the reality of what is happening instead of focusing on the sense of what is happening. They give people and their opinionsRead More →