October 11th Is The Drop Date Via SOLID STATE RECORDS

Mike Hranica [vocals], Jeremy DePoyster [vocals, guitar], Andy Trick [bass], Kyle Sipress [guitar], Jonathan Gering [keys, synthesizers], and Giuseppe Capolupo [drums]

The Devil Wears Prada will drop their new album The Act on October 11 via Solid State Records. Check out the brand new song “Please Say No,” which is one of the most experimental yet powerful songs the band has ever released.

“‘Please Say No’ is based off of a scene within the novel Never Come Morning by Nelson Algren,” said singer Mike Hranica. “This song is more difficult to explain than any other set of lyrics I’ve assembled. Saying the song is derivative of class injustice is insufficient and saying the song is born of a violent crime is cheap. Lyrically, I’d urge interested listeners to read the book. Musically, I’ll encourage listeners to enjoy what I consider to be our moodiest effort on The Act.”

– Mike Hranica

Because I didn’t write an intro when I started this review a few days ago, and now after listening to the record a couple of times, I don’t think any amount of words I can concoct will amount to much to prepare you for “The Act” by TDWP. So, I’m not going to lead you to the water, Lovelies…but if “The Act” was water, you’d drink…oh, yes, you would drink…

SWITCHBLADE – potent melody that drives the opener. I like the confusion the track invokes which keeps me sitting up straight and moving one of my ears closer to the blaring speakers for more even after the song has ended.

LINES OF YOUR HANDS – sweet guitars that offer a warning to listeners; subliminally and slowly, throat punches leading to the elements of TDWP that grab ya’ like a President might. MIKE’S blending inflections with the drums is palpitating and heavy AF.

CHEMICAL – MIKE’S vocal on this track points like Robin Hood’s arrow straight to an artist’s evolution. Layers of harmony dispel the truths others try and keep from you. An atmospheric disturbance, the sound that rain makes as it falls. The comfort in the lines of poetry ride the vibrations of the music.

“Break everything I’ve ever made..”


WAIVE OF YOUTH – Love the guitars that swallow any preconceived notions about TDWP. Paradox comes from the bellows of MIKE’S vocals and the innate want in humans to be understood and fulfilled at the same time.

PLEASE SAY NO – MIKE ups his game in this tale. The haunting reverb of his voice, isn’t really coming from the recording. It is coming from deep within. Stories have a way of telling themselves. When the effort is mildly exposed. Crash cymbals startle, and I love the bridge, all the way to the abrupt end.


THE THREAD – a dash of traditional TDWP fused with some insane lows from the jump. The pin-point of focus in the metal tones is a direct hit and the echoes from MIKE’S voice zooms into the precise clarity from the music. The sung and the screams are tied and it is a new ballgame for these guys! I just got double bounced from the thunk of that collision of the bass and guitar, dayum Gina!

NUMB – another stone, hot from the fire-starter that created this record. This track comes from necessity and fortitude – TDWP must be referring to someone else’s numbness because it’d be whacky if they couldn’t feel what comes off this track! So much…So. Much. Good. Stuff.

ISN’T IT STRANGE – Delicious grinds, an agnostic tempo’d pulse that pile drives the points of the arpeggios. This track wipes up all of the residual doubt left behind by those naysayers that say rock is dead. I don’t get it because Isn’t It Strange is full of alive riffs and bright measures.

The Act is the 5th Record from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA – Out Oct 11, 2019

DIAMOND LOST – hymnal like melody that takes the shape in the drums and percussion of a preacher who might think a sermon’s being heard by the followers (who’ve been deceived, mind you). Retracting the wish for what we want and replacing those with giant movements between the drums and guitars. MIKE’S emphatically designed the vocals around a big sounding band.

AS KIDS – a favorable explanation to what happens when you look back. Love the big chorus that sings an anthem of nostalgia with a hint of trauma. I want the uncertainty of my family to be beaten out in time with the tempo. It’s 11:11 and I wonder if the amount of time we spend looking back now, is equal to the time we spent looking ahead when we were kids?

EVEN THOUGH – unsuspecting crash leading to shifty guitars and a full chorus. Love the builds within the first 30 seconds. The bass bleeds out slowly with the hammering beat and the lows that make you hold your breath unknowingly. I love the title and what it implies and where it can be applied.

SPIDERHEAD – turn it up with a dance track to close it all up. I love the solo’s half way through and the splash of a stutter in the mix is a trigger for you to start the record over.

And just like that, THE ACT concludes and as you shut that dusty book in your imagination that you’ve been reading whilst I’ve told you about the songs, don’t forget that TDWP’s latest offering doesn’t come out until October 11th, so you need to spin the pre-releases until then. Learn all the words, put your best moves to the tracks, and save your money because TDWP is on the road right now! Tour dates are available down below and so you must make plans when they come to a city near you! You’re totally not going to want to miss this show! I promise!

Make sure you stay right here for all the coverage from the upcoming tour and the band’s stop in Dallas! I’ll have coverage at the show and from NORMA JEAN as well! #bringit

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri Bird


10/19 — St Louis, MO — Ready Room
10/20 — Lawrence, KS — Granada Theater
10/22 — Denver, CO — Summit Music Hall
10/23 — Salt Lake City, UT — The Complex
10/24 — Las Vegas, NV — Vinyl
10/25 — Santa Cruz, CA — The Catalyst
10/26 — Fresno, CA — Strummer’s
10/27 — Pomona, CA — Glass House
10/28 — Phoenix, AZ — Marquee
10/30 — Dallas, TX — GMBG
10/31 — Houston, TX — White Oak Music Hall
11/2 — Tampa, FL — Orpheum
11/3 — Atlanta, GA — Masquerade
11/5 — Nashville, TN — Exit/In
11/6 — Greensboro, NC — Blind Tiger
11/7 — Baltimore, MD — Sound Stage
11/8 — Pittsburgh, PA — Mr. Smalls
11/9 — Toledo, OH — Civic Music Hall
11/10 — Syracuse, NY — Westport Theater
11/12 — Philadelphia, PA — TLA
11/13 — New York, NY — Grammercy Theatre
11/15 — Chicago, IL — Bottom Lounge
11/16 — Milwaukee, WI — The Rave