WAGE WAR is: BRITON BOND – frontman, CODY QUISTAD – rhythm guitar/clean vox, SETH BLAKE – lead guitar, CHRIS GAYLORD – bass, and STEPHEN KLUESENER – drums and with this record, I can definitively say in the Game of Thrones manner, WAGE WAR IS HERE!! 

wage war‘S NEW RELASE IS UPON US LIKE g.O.T.’S WINTER. However, Unlike the creepy snow zombies that took all that time alluding that “Winter Is Coming.” WAGE WAR drops on you like an anvil out of nowhere! I first saw them at Rocklahoma in 2017 and instantly knew they were already massive! Now, I didn’t have to time travel or conjure up any silly soothsayer to know this; the evidence was right there in front of my face. Even earlier songs, like STITCH and DON’T LET ME FADE AWAY, had the inner workings of badassness and unabridged brilliance. If you go back and listen to these early tracks and don’t hear this, I may have to have your Metalcore Membership card revoked. Listen carefully to what goes into a WAGE WAR song and I think you’ll agree. In knowing their knack for creating an intricate song that fills a listener up with powerful plots, an arsenal of riffs and hooks, perfect playing from all the members (especially on this record) and a delivery from both BRITON and CODY THAT Is utterly infectious! Listen to the singles they’ve dropped so far on Spotify, and I think it’s perfectly obvious that this 3rd Record is their diamond; the result of all of their efforts, their short comings, Their dreams, and how they convey themselves – all squeezed and held tightly. This is WAGE WAR! And they are here!

WAGE WAR offers PRESSURE, their third release since the band’s beginnings in 2015, flying high under the FEARLESS RECORDS brand on August 30th. This record is the band’s “F you Flag” – the nicest possible “f you”, of course; that with all of their experiences, they’ve become something precious. In spite of it all and how they got here; these results have created who they are. And with their music, have simultaneously given listeners a perfectly formed piece of themselves. Look Lovelies, This record is going to fly high over their camp for a long time. And within the 43 or so minutes, with straight fire, PRESSURE is proof that WAGE WAR is here to stay! 

As one of those anomaly bands; heavily steeped with talent and breaking on to the scene outta nowhere, WAGE WAR doesn’t play, as in ‘homie don’t”. So it isn’t surprising that I have given PRESSURE a perfect 10 CHERRIES. County ‘em up:


Let’s not beat around the bush here, If you’re a fan, you already know this, right? For those that don’t know WW’S battle cry within the Metalcore Corps, it’s time you did. With standouts from this release like TAKE THE FIGHT and WILL WE EVER LEARN along with the well-received singles like LOW and PRISON, PRESSURE just solidifies this band’s mark on music, even more. 

If you haven’t seen WW live, I almost feel sorry for you. It only took one time for the cat to be let out of that f’in bag for me, and not just once, not just twice, but every time I have seen them. Jaw droppin’ show, Lovelies, #HandToGod! The band has busted balls on the road, on stage, and in the studio with the byproduct being music that is listened to by millions of people and right out of the shoot it would seem. All that being said, you’re here to read my review on PRESSURE so without further ado…

…here’s my track by track take on WAGE WARS #3: PRESSUREready? Let’s go! 


WHO I AM – BOOM! An impressive start, right in the first couple of measures. BRITON’S bond with the ‘core rests in the crystal clear growls of his lyrics. I love this song’s raw emotional mantra because no one knows who any of us are on the surface. This track’s guitars dig into you – so hold on Lovelies…you’re about to learn who they are. WAGE WARE IS HERE!

PRISON – give me any song that makes me wanna rise up – no matter what your cause or plight. WW delivers fans more of the personal monsters within the notes, riffs, and blasts in this track that so many of us deal with. BRITON and CODY say what we can’t. PRISON takes that on for us. I dig the grind that is straight up ‘core and one of the things this Bird saw in WW from the jump. The choir infers we’re not alone; no matter how imprisoned we think we are. 

GRAVE – one of the sing-songy tracks that keeps the pace strong on the record. I can identify with the lyrics “burn the pages, but you can’t erase it”. It is crazy AF to me why some try and erase the past, knowing that it’s not going to be any different than what it is. Love the tempo and the drums; STEPHEN kills it!

GHOST – MEGA guitars a the onset that are on fleek with BRITON’S screaming vocal assault; delivered from the pit within him. I’d put his scream up against any kind of Metal singer and he’d be the victor, hands down. And that heavy tone wound around the guitars totally echoes the undertones of this track; musically and metaphorically. CODY answers with that soothing sound that’ll back that ass up! STEPHEN again delivers and right in time with the guitar solo from SETH. The builds on the back nine of this track #bringit hard! 


ME AGAINST MYSELF – a metalcore couples skate, without that second person. Skate alone in a circle as the beats of this song flicker like the light from the disco ball in the center. Orbiting around the tempo are the swells of CODY’S vocals that cause you to re-evaluate. I love the full chorus and killer riffs that hook you In. The punches of reality will wake up your sleeping subconscious in BRITON’S vocal at the end. This track will drop you back into The Now somewhere within its runtime. I love the ethereal vibe And There’s a wake up call like an alarm here – we are our worst enemy in some things. Well, I can only speak for myself…glad I can see this but do I accept it? Hmmmm…food for thought. 

HURT – in short, I’ll answer the question asking if the hurt ever go away, at the start of this song: “No. It does not. Ever..” Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up… this track is the evidence that processing the nonsense the world has to offer through music is why fans love WW so much. I love the road BRITON jogs off from in this track. The tempos and that choppy cadence give CODY a sweet place to show his stuff is clean AF. Listen for the key change at the end – killer touch.

LOW – here’s a gritty lil’ ditty that flips some massive guitar and drum combos while you flip the middle finger in an antagonist’s face! Look, if you’ve not heard this song before, or if this is the first time you’ve heard WW, don’t be skurt as CODY chases you down with a memorable melody. while you’re catching your breath, BRITON comes in and pokes you with a stick to make you get up and go again. I’ll give you the goods here: CODY reaches new heights with his technical peaks in this track – he shows it off with the holds and breath control. Take a bow man, seriously. Killer job.  

THE LINE – a little pop-punk like tempo that gets it going as it connects with the vocal effect. Love the hints of the 80’s pop camouflaged in the song and Is a very cool way to mix it up. The bridge of electronica is dope – WW has an awesome way of using studio layers that contribute to an amazing way to structure songs. 

FURY I love the way BRITON’S opposite side compliments the band, shown here. His vocal styling is the “war” that is waged on fans with the heave-ho power behind it. There are heavy AF guitars in this track that bounce off the electronics up in the middle. Love the way the end trails off like there’s more coming…ya know what I mean? Sweet track, Loves!

FORGET MY NAME – here’s a good revenge track that I can get behind;  WW can bring up those parts in us that come out behind a song like this – I’m empowered during the 3:23 song and I love the unity of the chorus telling us that we can charge our enemies together; even if it’s just symbolically. I love the guitar breaks and the choir “oh oh”s in the back of the room. Nice touch and lyric “the enemy wants me dead, but I got eyes in the back of my head” is TOPE AF.  

*** TAKE THE FIGHT – Word to my Mother on the sick AF guitars in this song!! They had me from the tone when this song said hello! That sound melts so good with the melody like PB and chocolate. The rough and airy parts balances the scale on this track; solid, solid like a rock! Ever wonder why opposites attract? Here’s a great example of why. 

***** WILL WE EVER LEARN – jebus jumpin’ up crickets! Spotless and spot on song, saved for the last. I love the direction this might point WW war in for the future. Very subtle but different from their go to delivery. Probably one of my favorite tracks on PRESSURE for the vocal CODY delivers, and the mash-up with BRITON. Not to mention I love the drums and the way it moves. DUDE, CHRIS!! You win the award for a bass line that is sticky and damn good – just like your favorite meal sticks to your ribs…hell yausssss! The drag of the tempo and the almost low, lows…f’ing killa! A+ my friend, A+!


So, there you have it Lovelies! PRESSURE from WAGE WAR drops this Friday, August 30th. You can purchase the record anywhere you pull down music: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon you know the drill. The band is also on tour this fall and I have dates below. I highly recommend seeing this band if they’re coming through your town. They’ll give you the metalcore goosebumps hard! 



9/27 — Charlotte, NC — The Underground
9/28 — Richmond, VA — Canal Club
9/30 — Indianapolis, IN — The Citadel Music Hall
10/2 — Grand Rapids, MI — Elevation
10/3 — Detroit, MI — St. Andrews Hall
10/4 — Chicago, IL — House of Blues
10/5 — Lakewood, OH — Phantasy Nightclub
10/7 — Pittsburgh, PA — Rex Theater
10/8 — New York, NY — Gramercy Theatre
10/10 — Baltimore, MD — Soundstage
10/11 — Philadelphia, PA — Theatre of Living Arts
10/12 — Clifton Park, NY — Upstate Concert Hall
10/14 — Columbus, OH — Skully’s Music-Diner
10/15 — Louisville, KY — Mercury Ballroom
10/16 — St. Louis, MO — Firebird
10/18 — Denver, CO — Marquis Theatre
10/19 — Salt Lake City, UT — In The Venue
10/21 — Seattle, WA — El Corazón
10/22 — Portland, OR — Hawthorne Theatre
10/24 — Sacramento, CA — Ace of Spades
10/25 — Pomona, CA — The Glass House
10/26 — Mesa, AZ — The Nile Theater
10/28 — Austin, TX — Come and Take It Live
10/29 — Dallas, TX — Trees
10/31 — Atlanta, GA — The Masquerade
11/1 — Orlando, FL — House of Blues

Watch the OMV for “LOW” :

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