With one of the hottest tickets coming to DFW on October 21st, Monday’s show will make the week start off with a BOOM! That’s right Lovelies, A DAY TO REMEMBER, I PREVAIL, BEARTOOTH, & CAN’T SWIM storm the stage at Toyota Music Pavilion and if you’re not planning on seeing this show, well, IDK what to tell y’all!

I PREVAIL made a stop earlier this year, and folks, they’ve upped their stage-game to monumental proportions! This band set it off with a quickness at House of Blues Dallas and frankly, it’s been a show that’s been hard to beat all year, in my book. There’s a connection between fans and I PREVAIL that only a fork and an electrical socket can replicate and if you’re into shows that create lasting memories, this would be one to attend.

I shouldn’t have to say anything about the guys in A DAY TO REMEMBER, but I will for those of you that have forgotten or those that haven’t had the experience watching this band ignite a crowd! Fans freak when this band saddles up and appears on stage, even after having an entire concert experience while the band sets up! The piped in music from the PA rallies these diehards like no other I’ve ever seen; even with fans crowd surfing before the band strikes the first notes! Hand to god, it’s crazy, it’s fun AF, and it is an absolute rush to be in the crowd at ADTR show! I would liken it to chugging an energy drink and being jabbed with an adrenaline pen simultaneously. #notkidding
Below is the audio for the band’s latest hit, Degenerates: enjoy!

BEARTOOTH is another band that gyrates the juices live and while it has been a minute since I’ve seen them, I’m stoked to see their set too! The band just released The Blackbird Session, a digital only rendition of songs from the Diseased release. This recording session is documented on video here that shows a complimentary side of the band. The digital recording takes the hardcore out of the band for a second as the recording captures some of the elements of BEARTOOTH in a hardcore recording session. The band just dropped the OMV (Official Music Video) for Bad Listener below! This is just a hint of what you’ll get at a BEARTOOTH show!

Bad Listener from BEARTOOTH

CAN’T SWIM is new to my rock radar and with their release of Foreign Language out October 11th via Pure Noise Records I know that their set will be a barn burner! I mean, I can’t see a band that is just “meh” being on this bill, right? Just in case you’ve not heard of CAN’T SWIM, I’m including a video of an OMV of Filthy Rich, one of the latest singles below!

Of course, I’ll have all the coverage and then some! Look for me in the pit if you’re going to be front and center! I’ll have some FB Go Live posts for y’all as well, so make sure you’re following me on socials! Just search TheCherriBird or look for links on this site!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri