LIKE MACHINES (L – R): Cheney Brannon (Drums), Andrew Evans (Vocals), Tanner Hendon (Bass)

I’ll admit it. I’m a little riled up about this band, LIKE MACHINES. First, there are only three of ’em; that’s all you need, right? Bit of a beat, dash of bass, screamin’ guitar, and a voice that knocks you all the way into next week and wa-laa – heavy metal! Well, it’s a little more complicated than that, we all know it.

The old saying applies with LIKE MACHINES: less is more. These guys throw down on stage like they’re about to scrap about drop tuning with an umpire behind home plate! Their new EP Hear Freedom Ring released late last year has been turning heads all over the country, mine included. With a total of five smokin’ tracks that get in and don’t get out – of your brain, that is. I’ve been running Spotify ragged by playing these songs over, and over, and over, and over, and over…join me, won’t you? Just click the link in the word Spotify and turn it up. Seriously, do that. To like…11.

Now, as MNFB (My New Favorite Band), LIKE MACHINES stole my cold, black, heart when I sat down to chat with them before their show last week at GAS MONKEY BAR & GRILL here in Dallas. They’re touring with CROBOT, AEGES, THE JAB, & ’68 right now and I highly suggest you go see this jam-packed show with some super talented bands from all over the US! It is a killer show – #trust!

LIKE MACHINES doesn’t have to holler and tell those not at the front of the stage to get up there – the audience is already there. And even though there were some people that weren’t familiar with this new band, by the second song we were all totally enthralled with the tones, the style that ANDREW let out of his throat, and the meticulous riffs that flew off or out of his fingers and onto the guitar that were sharp-like-knife where needed and smooth-like-butter in the places that weren’t supposed to cut ya. TANNER’S bass jousted the lows and complimented CHENEY’S beats on the kit to perfection, and he’s a showman at those things!! Not to mention, I was totally wowed by all three of their engagement with the crowd and their music onstage! It was fan-freakin-tastic!

I’ll say this and then you can jet over to to read more about the show – LIKE MACHINES hasn’t left my playlist for the past week, and in some instances has been my playlist. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for new music from these guys!

Watch for my interview with the whole band coming soon over on my not for long, kinda lame, YouTube Channel and I will let you know when it’s on the schedule over at TheGauntlet TV.

Oh, but before I go – here are some show snaps for y’all and a video of “Kaiser” – the song I’m using for my theme song until the election is over…check this out!

As always, make sure you’re following the 2020 Cherri Picked YT Playlist right here! You’ll find LIKE MACHINES and much more all gathered up nicely for ya!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri