LA-based duo Holly Winter and Thomas Scriven are the core of Repenter. Over the course of 2019, they’ve released multiple songs building towards the release of the band’s debut EP titled Chapter 1.  In front of this moment, the band has received emphatic raves from media across the rock and alternative universe. Alt Press shared, “’So Sick’ opens an exciting journey for the Los-Angeles based grunge act Repenter. Their new track calls out the vanity-driven culture of modern influencers, anchored by ballsy guitars, domineering vocals and a sardonic attitude.” American Pancake published the complimentary passage, “It is one of those short bursts of rock that you simply can’t, CANNOT, turn up loud enough. My mouth dropped open when I heard Holly Winter’s vocal performance.”

REPENTER Drops New EP November 15, 2019

Winter and Scriven began collaborating with one another in August, 2018.  Over the course of several months the duo found a realized vision of where they were headed as Repenter. Vocalist Winter shares, “I found another misfit toy in Thomas. We keep each other accountable and challenged in our motivation to write deeply meaningful and thoughtful songs, or bust. For us, creating music is the only real reason and reward for doing any of this. We have one rule: “leave your ego at the door.”  Scriven adds, “We write and work very well together. Honesty is imperative. Neither of us let a note or lyric slide that we wouldn’t die for.” The repertoire was produced by Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, The Cure).