Amanda may think she’s lost in the moment somewhere; reliving or rethinking some pivotal moment of her past or even getting lost in the moment in manifesting her future, but within her band, BEXLEY, their spot in this world is far from being lost! In fact, she is distinctly grounded right where her feet are planted.

“Lost In The Moment” is the debut EP from BEXLEY, the Los Angeles by way of Seattle and as you’ll see from this release, she brings the essence of both cities not only in her music but her and her band’s entire visual. They all might as well all wear big bows on their head because this is the total package! Literally, BEXLEY plopped onto the national AltRock Scene with a fervent fire, stirring up the proverbial pot with the single Run Rabbit Run, so it seems. (See below for the video for Run Rabbit Run.)

Emerging from the supportive Seattle music scene, Bexley rose in local circles and worked hard to rub elbows with local rock and grunge legends to absorb their knowledge while developing her own unique take on music. She was welcomed into the Brotherhood of Guitar by legendary Rock photographer and mentor Robert M. Knight: he included Bexley in his latest book “Rock Gods” alongside such icons as Slash and Jimmy Page. Her style is heavily influenced by the songwriting and harmonies of the Beatles, while sonically drawing from hometown favorites Alice in Chains.   Source:  Artist Press Release

Here’s my review of LOST IN THE MOMENTtrack by track and given up to 5 cherries with 5 being the highest a song can get!

RUN RABBIT RUN – catchy chords with a hint of that all too familiar dark side, you know that one that a lot of people try to hide…Love the grit to the guitar’s tone she’s playing and how it reacts to her vocal crispiness is badass!

TOXIC LOVE – there’s a vibe that reminds me of a bright side of CONCRETE BLONDE, if there was one (which is debatable and not in a negative way mind you)! The drag of the verses splatters with the mix and the effects – just like any toxic love produces from its host. TOXIC LOVE is Seattle AF!

FALLING TO PIECES – shut up! Love! All the wild and wicked bass that lends to a dynamic transition to the chorus is what drives this track for me! I identify with that pulse in the bass and drums that leads up to a powerful chorus. Again, the guitars are righteous, both distorted and a clean channeled sound which along with BEXLEY‘S vocals conjure up something to complement the whole feeling in the song. I love the step up in her voice – pretty sassy!

SOMETIMES – a hop and skippy tempo on the intro reminds me of an erratic rabbit’s journey down a path lined with mushrooms and it is pretty sick!! BEXLEY is hauntingly clear, stays in the strongest part of her range, and the best part is there’s a hint that here’s more from this artist masked in there somewhere that is evolving on a self-preservation timeline yet to come…brilliant!

DEAL – a choppy intro that is a precursor that leads directly to a poignant verse. The band sprawls it out all over the path like pins might scatter if Rip Van Winkle was bowling near. I can dig the message in the lyrics that could be indicative of the mindset of some people or it could be the new theme song to the remake of The Lost Boys only cast with all girls as present-day vamps…either one…this proves the band’s ability to grind in ways that up the ante for any breaking bands in the same vein that has a release around the same time. #MightWannaWait

Look Lovelies – this is exactly why I do what I do is for times like these!! And yes, I have a higher pitch in my head right now, in case you were wondering. With 25 out of 25 cherries in the bucket for “Lost In The Moment”, it’s your turn now to give BEXLEY a whirl! BEXLEY brings an approach to rock that will make you squeal like a lamb in excitement though, so you’ll have to just trust me until you hear this band!


LOST IN THE MOMENT is a five-track EP that pins you to the mat from the beginning and holds you through til the end. It’s supercharged with sensational, sexy, and sly grooves and some pretty stellar guitar playing by BEXLEY herself, which makes all of that above even better! And with an endorsement from Yamaha Guitars and Ernie Ball Strings, she’s totally legit (2 legit…)!

And just because I love you guys, here’s the OMV for your viewing pleasure of “RUN RABBIT RUN” – so make sure to check it out!