I only caught the first three song.

Due to an unfortunate miscommunication the night of your show in Dallas at South Side Ballroom, I only caught your first three songs. Of course, I wasn't fully paying attention to the mastery of the mystery folk music you command on stage. I was trying to snap some pictures that did your music justice, so while I was singing along, I was also trying to grab the best shot in the darkness of the stage.

Had I known I wasn't going to be able to listen to the rest of your set, even with a ticket I would have listened a bit more intently. Things happen, I get it. The only reason I'm mentioning it now, is because if I were to review the set, it wouldn't be fair to give readers what it's like to AMIGO THE DEVIL in concert based on just three songs. Maybe some could, but there are a lot of layers that can be peeled back with your music.

And I think that those that want to know, or experience the layers that make your music so intriguing should know. Hopefully, someone else can describe them while you're out on this tour, because I can't. At least not this tour.

What I saw through the lens and heard from the pit, though was amazing. But I couldn't really measure the sound from this place between the barriers and where you stood. It's just a dead zone that if you don't know each measure by heart, you wouldn't be able to rate the sound quality or sing along.

AMIGO THE DEVIL is an act that entails three things: Amigo (Danny Kiranos), the guitar, and the banjo. And because Danny is singing AMIGO THE DEVIL songs about the macabre, I don't think that necessarily means that he is the Devil in the band's name. There is deep honesty in the dark verses that are cradled by music that is filling despite being played with just one instrument.

So I made a few graphics of a couple of song lyrics and developed some dark foreboding black and white pictures to accompany the songs AMIGO THE DEVIL plays that the audience really seemed to love in Dallas!

And from the minimal time I spent in the pit taking pictures for the three songs, the response from the audience was killer! I dig watching a newer artist grow right in front of my eyes, especially the ones I like!

AMIGO THE DEVIL is the dude that hides in the dark parts of everyone's makeup. That's why the fans huddled around the barriers to watch Danny and AMIGO THE DEVIL, entertain them and pacify the places that are full of those items that have the power to take us down like a pro wrestler on a Friday night.

You know what they say, right? Fight fire with fire! I always can release and process some of the things that anchor me down with music that becomes something more than a song. When the art of a band or singer crawls in and helps to eject the shitty parts of lives that we've all expereinced, they become more than just a song. The become the hero, the saving grace, and the BFF that catch you when you're about to fall.

AMIGO THE DEVIL does that with the songs from EVERYTHING IS FINE.  And set aside all that stuff up above if you don't feel that you don't need music that can help whittle away these disturbances, well, that may be the case but I guarantee that you'll love his set and dig the hell out of the songs he performs!

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