JAR'D is an extension of my creativity that started with me saving glass jars. I started keeping glass jars because we don't have recycling pickup here in Deep Ellum and I realized that throwing away perfectly good glass that could be used for some other purpose was silly. The man-friend thought he might use them for nails, screws, and whatever other little things he could find in the varying sized jars. Now, I had no idea what I was going to put in these perfect containers and before I knew it, my hoard of jars was overflowing the container I kept them in.

In a distracted moment a while back, I was organizing my pens and markers and realized that I had a few jars that were a perfect size for Sharpies and markers and decided to jazz them up a bit by painting on them. I loved the way they came out so much and it was pretty satisfying to actually complete something for my ADHD racked brain.

That night, I was interviewing Aaron Nordstrom from Gemini Syndrome and as I was finishing up a jar that I had painted stars and planets on their song "Stardust" played on Spotify. Knowing they were on tour, I wondered if they could use a jar to put loose change in or money from merch - and so I painted their logo on it and gave it to him later that night. He really liked it and it made me happy to give him something that I made. After that, I started painting JAR'Ds for other artists I sat down with like, The Veer Union, Philip Anselmo, Twizted, Blacktop Mojo, Thousand Below, Amigo The Devil, All Hail The Yeti, Zero Theorem, Cane Hill, and more.

JAR'D is an acronym - yes because we need another one floating around - for Jolted Awake Radically Different. As I was thinking about what I should call my jars, I realized that I was at that moment, exactly where I was supposed to be. And this place, although not perfect nor painless, was all orchestrated and manifested by me in one of those life-moments in 2015. It felt like I was JOLTED into my skin when I made the decision to change some of the patterns that were causing extreme chaos in my life back then and as I learned why these patterns existed, I started growing into my skin.

JAR'D is an extension of this revelation through creativity and ultimately a bi-product of my love of music. It is kind of the output of doing what I do, right? I mean it's really not about me giving something to an artist just to give them something. I don't care what they do with it and I always seem to forget to take pictures of most of the ones I do for bands. Giving an artist a form of art is more like a thank you for their music, more than anything.

What it has turned into though beyond the ones I create for bands, is kind of mind blowing to me. People like them and want to buy them! So I take them to craft markets, outdoor markets, and I do custom JAR'Ds by special order. And I will continue to do them as long as people want them and as long as it remains fun for me, you know?

Hell, I'll keep doing anything as long as it stays fun, right?