What do you think defines a “Rock Star”? Especially in today’s seemingly progressive culture, where being politically correct, becoming and remaining without err, and whatever other unrealistic stigmas that are placed on musicians in Rock, it is difficult to find a true “Rock Star”. The difficulty in finding a Rock Star is enhanced because music fans are thrown new bands multiple times a day. I’ve used the term MNFB my new favorite band multiple times in identifying bands that come across my radar and while some of these coined bands stay front and center, a lot of them seem to disappear as fast as they got there. I use that term to make fun of myself in all sincerity, it just shows the lack of longevity and fickle feelings in what a “favorite” can mean in relation to music.

FALLING IN REVERSE released Coming Home in 2017 and at the time, I was not familiar with RONNIE RADKE, FALLING IN REVERSE, or his past projects like ESCAPE THE FATE. I know, where had I been? 2017 for me was a huge growth year in music. It is the year that Metalcore moved up to the pole position for me and has been my go-to genre ever since. While I loathe the generalizations and sub-labeling methods to describe a band’s sound, Metalcore is more than that, don’t you think? Where it used to be uncool to have a sub-genre categorization, I think Metalcore is much more than how a band sounds; but I am running off the road onto another subject, let’s real it back in…


FALLING IN REVERSE | Photo Credit: CB 2017

I mean we are talking about RONNIE RADKE being the World’s Last Rock Star. For me, a Rock Star is not only talented, but a Rock Star has to have iconic qualities that can survive over several decades outside of music. Now, don’t get me wrong here, the music is vastly important! A Rock Star has to have fans and has to sling a bad ass product, right? RONNIE RADKE is just that!

An “iconic quality” has to also show up in the image of the Rock Star, right? I mean, let’s be honest – RONNIE RADKE is hot AF. I’m not going to beat around the bush here. The World’s Last Rock Star has to be pleasing to the eye for fans, right? And I’m not merely speaking of that lusty kind of lovin’ someone because they’re hot AF. People can be hot AF for more than just something visually appealing – so this hot AF description has to incorporate both of these things that attracts fans to the person.

RONNIE is not only easy on the peepers, but the way he writes and gels musically with the others in FALLING IN REVERSE is epic. Hands down.


Back to 2017’s release of Coming Home and how it defined RONNIE RADKE and the band FALLING IN REVERSE – at least for me and I’m betting a gazillion of others! He was named one of the Top 100 and Top 50 Rock Stars in 2011 and 2012 in Kerrang & World Today respectively, so I’m not the first person to say this about him. RONNIE hasn’t changed since then, he’s actually become more of what defines a Rock Star.

The defining moment that made me realize that RONNIE could be the World’s Last Rock Star was in listening to the title track from Coming Home. There was so much godamed honesty within that song, I was moved to a huge level, even listening to the song now, as I am doing as I type, evokes something so poignant in me.

Those moments have to be felt in massive ways and FALLING IN REVERSE does that in every song they’ve written since Coming Home. There is that defining moment for the band too, when their music becomes more than an appeal to a genre or to one group; the music wafts over anyone that has their ears and hearts open to receive the messages in the music. If you haven’t spun this record, you should. Like now – pull up Spotify and do it. I dare you. Take note of “Broken” & “Loser”, specifically.


RONNIE RADKE | Photo Credit: CB 2017

RONNIE, IMHO is the World’s Last Rock Star because he constantly delivers the music that we all wish we could not only say but bands wish they could compose. Musically, the band uses whatever means they want and RADKE commands you to listen with his performances with the music. Placing elements that aren’t “traditional” to the Metalcore/Rock/Post Hardcore/Emo yadda yadda yadda – the music always seems to yield an amped response from fans. Lyrically, RONNIE’S words and the way they flow in the songs he and FALLING IN REVERSE write are perfect. Ya, I said perfect.



The World’s Last Rock Star doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be a household name although I believe when it is all said and done, RONNIE RADKE and FALLING IN REVERSE will be. Case in point the song “The Drug In Me Is Reimagined” released 2/13/2020 and is a revamp of “The Drug In Me Is You”. A slower, more thought provoking self-reflecting version of the later release of 2011. The rerelease and the subject and composition, have been rethought and remixed to a brilliant score that mirrors the way RONNIE feels about the evolution of himself, his music, and giving fans what they want or in the case of “The Drug In Me Is Reimagined”, need.


See, people that love music relate what they feel within the vibrations of the music and the understanding they relate to their own lives. Fans need Rock Stars to reverberate what is pulled out of a song because life changes and moves along the same course. We are all moving along the same conveyor belt and Rock Stars that know this and feel connected to their fans is so evident with RONNIE RADKE.

“I wanted to give the fans something special,” says Ronnie Radke about the track. “This song was not made with the hope of gaining new fans — this was made specifically for the fans that have been here from the beginning. I wanted to strip down the music to show you how raw the lyrics actually are. So you can feel the song in a completely different way.”

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There you go Lovelies! How FALLING IN REVERSE’S front man RONNIE RADKE is The World’s Last Rock Star! If you agree, please share with your fans and friends and make sure you hit the shows FALLING IN REVERSE has booked. Just click the above link!

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