Dallas Outlet Giving Music Fans An Inside Look At Some Heavy Hitters

Hello Lovelies! As I take a more active role in content generation for The Gauntlet, I think it would be interesting, cool, fun, and noteworthy to introduce y’all to different outlets or people I meet from the shows I work or other things that come across my radar as I do what I do! It’s not that I haven’t wanted to talk about things that I experience at shows because, let’s be honest, my reviews would be even more wordy than they already are and I want to keep the articles about shows or artists I write as on topic as I possibly can. (No comments from the peanut gallery please, it is harder than you think for me to stay on target and on topic with my ADHD brain!!)

Naturally, going to shows I always have the pleasure of meeting people that do what I do, or do parts of what I do. I would say that 9 times out of 10, these colleagues are awesome, friendly and fun to see and catch up with at concerts in Dallas. I’ve built some really great professional relationships with some killer folks over the years. There is a cohesiveness in the music industry that I love and the opposite side of that cohesiveness that I do not like and since there’s already way too much of that opposite side in this business, I will focus my efforts on the positivity that I gain from this seemingly cut throat bowl of rock journalists, photographers, and the like! It’s my hope that sharing outlets like Interview Under Fire will bring some realness back into the seemingly one-sided and sometimes disingenuous entities that are out there.

So I thought I would share a YouTube Channel of one of these outlets that I have gotten to know “Interviews Under Fire”! I first met these guys at Philip A. Anselmo and The Illegals show last year at Trees Dallas. I was coming off the bus after my interview with Phil and ran into them there and then again at Jinjer at Gas Monkey Live! These two are not only fans of killer music, they love sharing the connections they have with the bands they love with their followers.

Sonny and Cody are the real deal and they’ve done some stellar interviews like the one with the iconic Daugheters, the uber-undergrounders that have stormed stages for the last decade or so. Check it out below and become one of their Subs – I’m sure they’d love to have y’all! You can also find their Facebook profile in the link below!


I hope you dig their stuff and if you do, make sure you tell them that I sent ya over!

Till Next Time – MRML – Cherri