Michigan based mainstream metalcorer-ballers in I PREVAIL stopped in Dallas at the House of Blues on May 15th on their headlining tour supporting recently released, "Trauma" (side note: this show was a sell out and possibly the first of I PREVAIL'S headlining tour, according to ERIC). This record has held my attention since before the drop date so when the tour was announced, you bet your traumatized bootie that I was going to be there front and center!

Y'all, I love this record. "Trauma" is insanely touching from a lyrical standpoint and an emotional obstacle course from a musical perspective. I've listened as I rip and stitch myself up, as past particles are let go, and I've listened just to release the energy that my personal trauma creates. Having seen PREVAIL bellow and blow the roofs off a few venues with the rise of their hit "Scars" since 2016, I knew that this tour could either slay or it could fade into just another show at best. And before y'all groan and say that any show's outcome could be either of those two, hush and listen. (And I mean that in the nicest possible way.)

I PREVAIL didn't just write "Trauma" from a point of stability, and they'll be the first to tell you this. The back story on how "Trauma" was conceived has been explained not only within the songs, but the band has talked about it in interviews and on social media. If you're a new fan or just don't know what the band has experienced over the last 2 years, do a little digging and read about it on your own. Not to be rude, but it's not my place to rehash someone else's trauma because in all honesty, I don't know for myself. I haven't talked to the band and only know what I've read. What I can tell you is what I have interpreted and received myself from their music and articles I've read. However, I base the slay or fade category for I PREVAIL'S show because of this: bands go through life lessons together, and they prevail (no pun intended) by sticking together. Between records, life happens. Rock stars go through the same life crap that we do. They just get to create music from the outcomes or the matter between the lessons that haven't been dealt with yet. Sometimes, bands create something massive due to these experiences and then when asked to rehash the record on stage over and over and over, they seem to fizzle out for whatever reason. But it happens, you have seen it and so have I.

So you see, me saying that the show would either slay, or it would just fade isn't a slam or a dis, it's reality. If you don't believe me, go look some bands that aren't together anymore after they drop a very well-received, experience laden record and then look at their tour reviews supporting that record. Maybe you'll understand or maybe you won't. It's not really my place, again, to put my two cents in at this juncture. Where my two cents comes in is if the show slayed or fade away and the point I'm slowly leading up to making...painfully, as it were.

The long and short of it is that, yes the show f'ing SLAYED!! It was every Gen X and Gen Y slang word(s) you are capable of mustering up or looking up in Urbandictionary.com. I PREVAIL has got this by the balls and "this" refers to handling their biz-nass on stage that represents the definitive emotionally sparked LP of "Trauma". BRIAN BURKHEISER has found the place where he can expose his demons, conquer them and literally show fans how they can do the same with their difficulties. ERIC VANLERBERGHE screams his way out of corners, showing audiences, the life he leads on stage is exactly like ours, mirrored off stage in our emotional make up. In Dallas, he was struck with a visible reaction to the song, "Goodbye" which I literally felt, reverbing from his stage presence, so much so that I just wanted to hug him! STEVE MENOIAN, DYLAN BOWMAN, and GABE HELGUERA are singular in what they bring to the music and the show, specifically. JUSTIN STONE joined the band with "Rise Above It" and did a kick ass job representing the song he recorded for "Trauma".

Rarely do I see a band play with the fervor and passion that I saw at House of Blues Dallas from I PREVAIL...unless they're serious about selling the product they're pushing. It is obvious that I PREVAIL is slinging some serious, from the heart, heavily heard and felt lessons and questioning all of it.You can peek at the set list here. Experiencing the record is nothing to shrug off as mediocre - it is fabulous. However, to experience I PREVAIL live, in your face, and in person takes it to a whole different level! Even if you're a new fan or just like one song - you gotta go and see how they play it out in person. You'll thank me...you will!

The tour continues throughout the US with super stars JUSTIN STONE AND ISSUES providing superb main support. Check dates below and get out to see the "Trauma Tour" now! I PREVAIL will hit the UK with PALISADES later this summer so circle those dates if you're across the pond and make sure you're there for this show!

I PREVAIL is: Brian Burkheiser, Eric Vanlerberghe, Steve Menoian, Dylan Bowman. Gabe Helguera

Til Next Time - MRML - Cherri

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