HE IS LEGEND is touring and will make a stop at Tomcats West in Ft. Worth, Texas tonight, March 7th. Stay tuned for coverage of this show along with WHILE SHE SLEEPS!


Last year, HE IS LEGEND released White Bat, the band’s seventh record. If you’re a fan of the gristly or the jabs into your spine from sick guitar riffs and you haven’t seen HE IS LEGEND, you might want to attend a show on this leg of 2020’s first outing. Beware: this band will light you up like a good bender on moonshine! Schyular Croom woos the band into deep rooted guitar tones that run along side an amazing drummer that keeps a reign on the whole set as Matty Williams prods everyone along with the bass. Y’all, HE IS LEGEND is super talented and oozes southern rock from every pore.

White Bat (Spinefarm Records) begins another chapter in the book of HE IS LEGEND and continues to wow fans and listeners in bigger ways than the last, all while remaining true to the music that they write. The music isn’t claiming to be rocket science, but it’s not something you will ever find in another band. Not that you’ll want to look for one anyway…just sayin’!

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Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri