Concert Review - Gas Monkey Live!

Well, we can theorize from the HATEBREED'S 25th Anniversary Tour two things; a) HATEBREED has their hands on a time machine and b) loving and living all things metal keeps you young. I swear, it doesn't seem like 25 years have gone by since the boys in HATEBREED swarmed upon the metal scene and infiltrated airwaves with "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire" in 1997. But, if you subtract 25 from 2019, well you get 1994 when the band officially dates their beginnings.  And while math is pretty factual, I'd still argue that a quarter of a century has passed. Seems more like 12 or so, right?

The lineup (of all hardcore lineups) for this stop was AGNOSTIC FRONT, OBITUARY, SKELETAL REMAINS, & PRONG. Fans literally had a conniption fit when dates were released. Con-nipt-shon. For real!

HATEBREED is the sandpaper of metal with varying kinds of coarseness, shaping so many different fans over the years. They're gritty, heavy, brutal in some parts, and brought some of the most memorable pits in concert history. This band isn't afraid to tell it like they see it and if you don't agree, they really don't care. See, HATEBREED is all about how metal they can make it with thrashing riffs, bludgeoning battle cries of vocals that collide with the percussion and the bass just like a supercollider. Surprisingly, the music pulls you like a magnet into the pit on it's own. You don't even have to want to mosh, you literally have no choice but to dive right in.

This tour was like their rebirth because not only was the bill bad to the bone, but their performance was straight up, exactly how I remembered it at Ozzfest and early tours. Back then the energy and power that came from their set was totally legit. Would it be the same 25 years later? The answer to that question was my quest when I saw that the band would be in Dallas.

Being the last night on the tour kinda had me worried a week or so before the show. I saw a ton of posts and pictures from other dates of the tour, and hoped that they were saving some of that HATEBREED energy for Dallas. Look, HATEBREED is one of those bands that have a pseudo-cult like following. There are JAMEY JASTA fans that don the bandana and have HATEBREED tattoos and vests. These fans have embraced HATEBREED’S very essence and live their life like lyrics in “To The Threshold”, the song the band opened with at Gas Monkey Live. (And I had to look up the first verse and chorus - so these are probably incorrect as most of the lyric sites are...feel free to comment and correct me!)

This Is The Sound Of The Lost, The Beaten And Broken,

Rising Up and.....Taken From Us 

From The Shadows Of The Past,

Form The Death - Depth OF Our Own Failures

Searching Forward Into The lies/light

Denying Our Demise Decimating What....But Which You Only....

Give Me Your Broken, Give Me Your Beaten,

I Will Build Them Up, I Will Lead Them,

To The Threshold

Look y’all, I get that the music of HATEBREED might not be for everyone. It’s definitely not for anyone that doesn’t need a boost of confidence or if you’re perpetually angry, then you probably don’t want to listen to them either. I would hate for you to subliminally get anything positive out of the music.

Clearly, the above sentence is like a funny cigarette and laced with something that won’t make you hallucinate as sarcasm doesn’t normally do that. What that sarcasm is meant to do is open up eyes that think that HATEBREED is just a cross between post-hardocre and metal/metalcore, loud AF, angry band from the late 90’s, because their music is so much more than that. And most of my readers will know that, but for those that don’t know it, well you just found out. Right here, right now.

HATEBREED took a stand on a platform in a genre of metal synonymous with thrash-like guitars, chunky tempos, and deep and loud screams for vocals and used it to dispel songs that made listeners rise up, rebel, and take pride not politically or socially. They called for fans to rise up against themselves, negativity, and the lack of confidence that so many of us can be afflicted with. You know?

My favorite song at this show was “Seven Enemies”. Holy ballz, y’all! Live, this song was met by a swarm of the pit that I swear affected gravity for the 2 or 3 minutes that passed while the band played. HATEBREED has a way of exerting a force field around a crowd and injecting lightening bolts through the invisible veil that makes every single person jump, slam, bang, or just rock it hard, but just hard enough for it to not spill out the venue doors until the end of the show.

Today I wish a motherfucker would try

Think of someone other than themselves one time

Today I wish a motherfucker would try

To see this fucked-up world through my eyes

                               Seven Enemies | The Concrete Confessional (2016)


FRANK NOVINEC and WAYNE LOZINAK had fire coming out of the tips of their fingers, branding us all with those  signature rhythm and lead guitars of HATEBREED. CHRIS BEATTIE and MATT BYRNE ran circles around the stage with their tempos that blasted out of the bass and drums. And JAMEY JASTA performed like it was 1999 - ok, maybe 2004ish!

I didn’t have to wonder if the last show of this tour would live up to the HATEBREED standard. It was spot on and I caught myself several times looking around to make sure I was still in 2019 and hadn’t traveled back in time. The show was heavy, sweaty, loud, and gritty - just like it always has been from HATEBREED and my guess is that it will be the same for the next 25 years. Shame on me for thinking anything other!!

PS - I’m still not 100% convinced that they don’t have keys to a time machine. JASTA, pony up the keys or y’all take me with you next time!



Jamey Jasta - Vocals
Frank Novinec - Guitar
Chris Beattie - Bass
Wayne Lozinak - Guitar
Matt Byrne - Drums

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