I'm a big fan of the band, 311. Isn't everyone? What's not to love about this band that hails from mid-America (Nebraska at that), have been together for 26 years, no line up changes, charting singles and albums, successful tours, and are hosts of fan-frenzied events that include a cruise, an actual self-created fan-day that's celebrated like any holiday, and of course, all the music from 311?! There's nothing NOT to love!

The experience of loving this band is a personal one for the fans; it's emotionally charged and spiritually meaningful. Part of me, doesn't want to describe how it feels to be a 311 Fan because it might sound cliche, or come off as insincere. But me not wanting to share how much I dig this band would go against all of the things the music stands for and all the reasons that fans have an incredible sense of loyalty to this band.

If you're someone that doesn't love the band, I would venture to guess that you haven't seen them live. You simply can't not like feeling like you're in the midst of the biggest, happiest, positive ball of energy - unless you just enjoy being sad, miserable, and lonely. And you might, this isn't a judgement, mind you. But if you could feel the happiness, the warm energy, the love, and the feel good vibes for 90 minutes just by going to a 311 show, you'd go right? That's what it has been like for me every single show and I've seen them at least four times in the last two years. And if something works every time, 100% of the time for me, then I'm all in. Every time.


Spanning the last few years of their 25 year career, ENLARGED TO SHOW DETAILS 3 is a huge "Thank You" to 311's fans directly from them. NICK HEXUM, TIM MAHONEY, CHAD SEXTON, P-NUT, & SA MARTINEZ thank us watching for letting them do what they have done over the last 25 years. Humbly, with genuine and sincere gratitude is what I got from the band's video out takes at events and concerts from the first cruise to the Pow-Wow, various 311 Day shows, and more.

You can see the freakin' love this band projects at shows and if I hadn't been to a concert and saw this movie, I would want to go right then! The movie was a gravy-train of good times at concerts and a little insight to each band member's personal life, which was cool to see them in their own skin. IMHO, it seemed like they weren't any different than how they are on stage. As the movie played and the

The movie does a great job with the band's directive in saying thank you to their fans by showing cameos of fans telling a special 311 story, the friendships that are made, and the lives that are lived between the melody of songs from 311.

Fans that love 311 are definitely one of a kind because of this strange effect the music has on us. The positive vibes and happy feelings, the way the music creates the desire to process any feeling about things in this life; good or bad, and the ability to share these with other fans is amazing! There's nothing like being totally centered with your life, even if it's only for a night at a 311 show. What's even better, you can recall this feeling at anytime by just listening to the music. Whether these feelings come from songs from the past or current 311 records, the vibrations and the energy that come from the wholeness of 311 is unmistakable and is almost synonymous with the band.

As a matter of fact, I can't think of another band that creates such a feeling of unity across their fan base than 311 does and I love this part of the band's footprint on music almost as much as the music they make. In a fan Q & A session on one of the cruises, a fan asked the band if they saw themselves not playing as 311 anymore. They all answered that they'd keep doing this until they couldn't. CHAD said that he would be in 311 and create and play as long as the "spirit guides" allowed it.

Which is really how we should look at most things in life, you know? Things change, people change, and situations change and we should enjoy every thing to its fullest and during every waking minute, until we can't. Love others until we can't love them anymore, work with a purpose until we can't anymore; create positive energy, love hard, dance and sing until you can't anymore. Then start playing your best 311 playlist and I bet you'll feel completely reset in no time.

If you were at a showing of ENLARGED TO SHOW THE DETAILS 3 on 311 Day, you know what I'm talking about. Same for anyone that has been at a concert or on a 311 cruise, event, meet and greet or anywhere the band and their music is playing.

Here's to another 25 years for both the band and us; the fans and living life to the fullest the 311 way!

Til Next Time - MRML - Cherri

Mad Respect | Much Love
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