New Music That’s Burning Up Both Sides!

That’s right Lovelies, I’ve created a new series that feature singles I’ve come across and have been spinning up in the tree tops in Deep Ellum ad nauseum!

Listening to the New Releases that Spotify conjures up for me is magical! I love that I can hear music that doesn’t just appear in my inbox. I mean, I don’t get every new release funneled to me via the gods of digital communication; I’m just one little journalist, right? So whenever I can I listen to this magic list that has been created for me by Spotify. It’s based on the music I’ve listened to and the bands that are similar, I know that. It’s just pretty darn convenient to hear driving down the highway or when I’m working away in The Bird’s Nest.

I’ve heard some killer new releases that have been grouped together seemingly for my ears only, which got me to thinking…”why keep these gems to myself? I should be sharing these with my peeps!” Sooo…here I am, just a journalist of rock music, standing before y’all…with some killer music that I think you’ll love!

The band that spawned this series of posts I’m calling “Fire”, happens to be a band that I’ve worked with a few times, so that makes it even more awesome, IMHO. This song literally made me stop and start writing as I listened to the track. Here’s what I wrote:

“Where did this come from?? A progression of stout guitars balanced between the vocals and lyrics Krispin creates in this recording. A perplexing prelude for what’s to come maybe? Wow, ok – I give, I give!! I’m hooked!! Technically perfect performances on the recording and the mix! Best part of the song is the last half. The bridge to the chorus is like a black hole, it sucks you back in with avengence! Right before the halfway point, Krispin delivers a scream that curled my toes just enough to know that I hadn’t left my seat; it was the whoosh of the whole track that literally evaporated the air from the room, instantly. I have to play this again.”

So, I did. about 27 times. Man, what a sick song from THE VEER UNION!! I mean, it’s very different from the band’s last few new songs but not so different that you’re left scratching your head saying, “Wait, who is this?”. THE VEER UNION completely delivers like Domino’s! Only without the calories…

The Veer Union – On Tour With Alesana Earlier This Summer – Trees Dallas – Photo Credit: Cherri Bird (C) 2019

I immediately added this song to the Spotify Cherri Picked 2019 playlist so y’all can enjoy it amongst a whole slew of other songs I’ve added to it this past year. And listen, this Spotify list is my go to when I pick out this year’s “BEST FROM THE NEST” – the yearly digital awards that feature all of the best music from the prior 365 days and awarding those artists with a tip of the hat, a round of applause, and a sweet graphic posted all over the www touting their accomplishment for that year.

But, I digress…Of course this song is something you need to go listen to right now and you will find the link below can take you to the list! Just hit play and you’re off to hearing “NIHILST BLUES by THE VEER UNION along with all of the other tracks that have sucked me into their vortex of badassness! Check it out and make sure you follow the list, and any of the bands you might not be familiar with…make sure you check them out as well!

“Nihilist Blues” might be the first “fire” band but I’m sure it won’t be their last appearance on burning my face off with the rock! Check back frequently for all the “fire – new release heat” songs that have blazed my ears up, right here at!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri

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