Once again, the performance masters in STARSET and the creative force of DUSTIN BATES, took CANTON HALL and fans on an all most parallel reality trip on their stop here in Dallas. In support of the band’s latest release, Divisions, the third record of the band via Razor & Tie Records.

Call it a “backstory” or a narrative imagined by an overactive sci-fi-infused mind, STARSET was created by DUSTIN BATES (or was it?) and the admiration and interest he has for music. Once an independent artist that grew in popularity from the vessel of unlimited knowledge we call YouTube, STARSET grew fans like a petri dish grows a live culture. In fact, when the band began YouTube was just that; a petri dish containing a variety of various molecules that ranged from the hilarious to the disgusting, real to the far fetched, and every single useless and useful particle on the planet (and seemingly beyond). In 2013, this hodge-podge was more of a joke or a social media platform that was comprised of moving pictures. Today, YouTube has morphed or evolved might be a better word, into an actual species or the beginnings of one, at least. Personally, I believe that channels like STARSET’S StarsetOnline, are responsible for the rise in popularity of this platform that is used for legit information sourcing and not just how to hack into an old Android phone.


STARSET’S backstory depicts Aston Wise (AW) and his dealings with the, or perpetrating actions of, The Order Of Teslonia and the Messages received regarding the destruction of mankind in 2047. Errr, something to that effect! It wasn’t until late 2017 that I realized there was this “backstory” and after meeting fans at a STARSET show at TREES Dallas, they schooled me on the concept that “could” be real (probably might be close to real). A wide variety of music fans from metal to prog rock to ambient rock and more were jammed into the venue both upstairs and down, excited to get a glimmer of DUSTIN (AW) and the rest of the band. Not to mention, they were also gung-ho to discover more clues to decode the messages that could be woven into the performance from the future.


*INSERT TIRE SCREECH HERE* Hold up. What if the backstory that DUSTIN has created is in fact, factual? What if he was given these messages in an abduction, or a dream, or through the idea itself? We might call that a conspiracy theory, or even the next rung up, actual sci-fi fantasy (which we all know is the basis to conspiracy theories). Point being, there are some elements in STARSET’S story that come from “reality”. For example, Nicoli Tesla was an actual man and did amazing things or conceptualized amazing things. Yes, Elon Musk did name his electric cars after Nicoli Tesla, BTW. If you aren’t familiar with Tesla the scientist, become aware. I think it’s going to prove to be very important in the not so distant future.


What’s great about the story portrayed by DUSTIN (AW) is the parallels that exist in the real world, right now. There are definitely Division(s) in this dimension of reality we are breathing in, there is an Architect that is or has create(d) the Architecture that wants to (and eventually will IMHO) destroy the world. Either side you sit, there are inferences that can’t be ignored and either DUSTIN knows more than he’s letting on and is actually the recipient of these messages from the future, or his pragmatic style of thinking has created an entity that stems from some other dimension that he found (or that found him).


STARSET shows keep upping their game by incorporating an interactive show, encouraging fans to use their cell phones whenever this symbol is on the screen or found somewhere in the venue. With a swift wave of a fan’s phone, the QR reader snags the symbol and drops more clues. Again, how can we be sure that STARSET & DUSTIN aren’t communicating a real message based in time travel and some method of energy discovered by N. Tesla? When does a conspiracy theory become an actual theory? How many of these “conspiracy theories” have now been debunked and are now true theories or fact?


The show was one I had been looking forward to since it was announced with the news of Divisions dropping in September. I’ve seen the band twice before and love the whole vibe of STARSET on stage. The visual show is almost as fun to watch as the music being played. It’s so well-done and the costumes (or in this case, the fall-out clothing), lights, LED screen with complimentary imagery from the backstory and the record (and the future, as it would be), all melted together like the hardest of metal would if a blast to destroy the world went off. The band’s set up on stage was killer and all six musicians were visible to fans from anywhere in the venue. (CANTON HALL is great to see shows,PS).


The mix of music they did off the first two records and Divisions was perfect and setting it up, there was definitely a story to be told and even the most recent fan could follow from start to finish. Another killer thing the band did was have posters up all over the place that had hints of future messages or events and the placement of the specific symbol that could be scanned on posters and other places. Bands used to make efforts like this all the time; I don’t know why they don’t do things to engage an audience and gain fans like this more. Oh, and I almost forgot, as we entered the venue, we were handed a program. The eight-pager, printed on nice slick paper that would keep well jammed in a pocket or handbag, was informative and had more information than I knew what it meant at first glance. But it told about how to scan the symbols and a synopsis of what The Order was, who AW was and what the probable outcome would be for him and The Architect would be. I adore the details at this show that was a complete surprise and a good one, at that.


STARSET delivered the message precisely clear that night; there was work to be done, the music was just part of the process in which a translation would be understood and delivered, and that while this was happening, there would be a whole bunch of fun for fans, er Messengers.


Look, I’ll say this in closing. What I said about conspiracies, I meant. There is a time when some of the grandest conspiracy theories become actual truths. I can attest to witnessing this. It’s actually happening right now, in plain sight. And I only found out about it because I started asking questions and finding out in real-time what the answers were going to be. It was getting to the answer(s) – that was what was going to be the journey or the mystery and that was where the conspiracy was to be unraveled to become the truth.

Are you willing to unravel it? Just ask if you are. But make sure you’re willing to accept the mission for all it is because once you’ve accepted the quest, you can’t go back to not knowing.

End Transmission…

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri

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