CoVid19 be damned, DIRTY HONEY is heading in to record new music

And I think that’s some of the best news I’ve heard all year! It’s not to say the beaus in DIRTY HONEY are flicking their middle fingers up and are setting out to be reckless amidst a global pandemic. I don’t think this is the case at all. Now I haven’t spoken directly to the band, but I would venture to guess this decision comes from the past seven months of being stagnant and stifled while waiting for the plague to pass our gates, hoping it waves a surrender flag behind it.

DIRTY HONEY is taking a healthy approach, in my opinion, to an otherwise unhealthy period of the new decade. 2020 started this new decade started to look pretty damn good as far as music goes, didn’t it? And I’m not going to bring us all down because we all know what happened. Frankly. I’m done with my dismissal attitude with the ‘rona and feeling like at any minute I’ll wake up and it will all be over with. While I’ve known this hasn’t been the case, or not what is going to happen, I have been mentally absent, it seems or feels that way.

Taking an approach like DIRTY HONEY is doing and getting back to doing some of the things that were normal, then, even if it’s not in the traditional sense, it’s to be commended. And so I will totally listen to what they have recorded when it’s ready! Here’s more about what the band is up to and what they have to say about recording remotely:

With tickets and seat assignments in hand, Dirty Honey – Marc LaBelle/vocals, John Notto/guitars, Justin Smolian/bass, and Corey Coverstone/ drums – was set to fly to Australia last March to begin recording a second batch of new tunes when they got word that all flights to Australia had been canceled due to COVID. Plans were to again meet up with Nick DiDia – who produced their self-titled debut EP that included the history-making #1 single “When I’m Gone” – at his studio in Byron Bay.

Now, six months later, with a travel ban between the U.S. and Australia still in place, Dirty Honey has just gone into a Los Angeles recording studio with DiDia producing via ZOOM.

“Back in March, we had a handful of songs were in various states of completion,” said the band’s vocalist Marc LaBelle, “but now, not being able to tour, we’ve had the time to finish them, feel really confident about them, and write more. We’re going into the studio with twice as many new songs as we had back in March. The pre-production for this new music has been handled exactly the same way as it was for the EP; Nick was in Australia, we were here in Los Angeles, and we were sending demos back and forth. Recording the music remotely is what’s different this time. But Nick brought in Brendan O’Brien’s engineer, Tom Syrowski (AC/DC, Chris Cornell), who’s been in the room with some incredible artists, so it’s going to be great.”

Added Dirty Honey‘s guitarist John Notto, “We really know these new songs, because we played most of them live, every night when we were on tour – that’s where we did a lot of the pre-production, in front of the fans.

Getting feedback from fans at the merch table after the shows, and watching the YouTube videos they shot and posted all helped us finalize the new songs. And the songs that we’ve written since our tour ended, we’ve been playing the crap out of them in rehearsal. We’ve got a few tracks where we stretched a little more, but all in all, I think fans can expect a shot in the arm, kick-ass rock’n’roll.”

“The adventure factor of the past two years definitely played a role in the new songs,” said LaBelle. “I look back over that time, and it’s been an incredible ride…All of the support we’ve had, being played on our hometown radio station, something I never really thought would happen, it’s just crazy.”

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