DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY are currently on tour with JOHN 5 and during the stop in Dallas at the World Famous Trees, I had a chance to photo their set and interview the band before the show! I love this band! They're fun, write catchy AF songs, bring it on stage and off, and they have a blast performing!

The band just returned from a European tour late last year and are now on almost a 50 date tour with JOHN 5 & THE CREATURES! Head over to any of their social platforms to find out where they'll be tomorrow or when they'll be in your neck of the woods!

The interview will be up soon, but until then, here's an album of the pictures from their set! This band amazed the crowd with huge choruses, palpitating tempos, and an energetic set that prepared us for the last two bands of the night, JAMES JARED NICHOLS and JOHN 5! Enjoy the pictures and look for the video interview soon!!

Til Next Time | MRML - Cherri

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