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For the past few years, I’ve worked hard to connect fans to your bands as an independent #rockjournalist providing some of the best and most seen, off the mainstream’s beaten path outlets like AntiHero Magazine, The Rockpit Australia, National Rock Review, Metal Pulp & Paper, Metalheads Forever, and SomeKindOfMedia. It’s been such a wild ride and because of each of you, I’ve had the privilege of reporting (in my own weird way) the news of all kinds of bands on all kinds of levels!

In light of the world’s situation regarding CoVid19 (corona virus), our music industry has seemingly overnight, had to dramatically change; shows, large and small have been postponed until further notice, the concern with travelling for artists, and some difficulties getting back overseas, has caused our world to be turned upside down.

Today, President Trump and the Administration just strongly recommended that gatherings of more than 10 people cease, even further curtailing activity outside of our homes. Shortly thereafter, the City of Dallas just closed bars, night clubs, movie theaters, and restaurants (may offer pick up/drive through). In light of these new suggestions and now mandates, I will be available 24/7 from my home office located in Deep Ellum, Texas – a very music-centric area – and will be booking interviews and long-conversation guest spots for podcasts (several different podcasts), as well as daily streams on Twitch that discuss music and the current state of our country and our world.

We all know that this is a change that will effect some more than others and will effect everyone in different ways. We cannot ignore that this is just an issue that will only take place for a few days and it will go back to normal. This change in the music industry has been coming for a long time and evidence of that change can be seen everywhere you look. Now more than ever, music has the opportunity to be a conduit for change, to help and to bring communities together even if we are confined to our homes while the situation passes.

My continued effort to help artists includes talking about upcoming releases, pushing online merch sales, what to do whilst having to stay in, along with other topics of interest as they arise. I’ll be booking interviews, guest spots for podcasts, and have a very special opportunity for bands to actually PLAY shows and sell tickets, along with getting a majority of the ticket sales directly to them.

Please keep me in mind when you’re looking for things for your artists to do during this time! We are literally a part of a historical event, one that will be discussed, studied, and written about though the coming ages. When this is all said and done, we will have made it through a very eye opening and epic event on a global scale!

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