There’s only one COREY TAYLOR, COREY MF TAYLOR that is. And if you didn’t know that the debut album dropped and a special, first of its kind, concert streamed last Friday, it’s time to remove your head from the sand and join us on the surface! Don’t worry, I think you’ll be pleased with what I am about to tell you!

COREY TAYLOR stormed the stream at The Forum last Friday to celebrate his solo release CMFT, and in true COREY TAYLOR style, gifted those ticketed fans that logged on, a show that’s virtually one of a kind and yes, the pun was intended!

Oh sure, there have been concert streams and shows by other bands that have gone live on the interwebs. This isn’t the news that is supposed to grab your attention. But you know that, hopefully. If you’re a fan of COREY TAYLOR, you should know he goes all in with most everything does. COREY is a game changer, pioneer, a visionary if you will. A solo project that now set the bar for future artists, your attention should be directed to CMFT and just for you, I’ve included some amazing photos from the actual event from photo journalists STEVE THRASHER & GINA JOY HONG check them out!

The 23 song setlist saw Taylor and crew blaze through every song on his debut solo album CMFT (out now on Roadrunner Records), songs from the Slipknot and Stone Sour catalogues, several covers and a jaw-dropping finale featuring a high octane, high flying performance from girl gang dance squad The Cherry Bombs all accompanied by a full pyro, full light show, arena production. To give fans a taster of the show, Corey has also released the full performance of new track “Halfway Down” today. Watch the video here.


Hwy 666 (CMFT)
Meine Lux (CMFT)
Halfway Down (CMFT)
Silverfish (CMFT)
Shakin’ (Eddie Money Cover)
Song #3 (Stone Sour)
Everybody Dies on My Birthday (CMFT)
Snuff (Slipknot)
Taciturn (Stone Sour)
Culture Head (CMFT)
Maria Fire (CMFT)
Home (CMFT)
Zzyxz Road (Stone Sour)
All This And More (Dead Boys cover)
Already Gone (Eagles cover)
Kansas (CMFT)
Black Eyes Blue (CMFT)
Samantha’s Gone (CMFT)
Through Glass (Stone Sour)
On The Dark Side (John Cafferty cover)
Bother (full band version) (Stone Sour)
CMFT Must Be Stopped (CMFT) / Watchin’ You (Kiss Cover)


In the rapidly evolving sphere of streamed events, Forum Or Against ‘Em was an industry first. In partnering with Danny Wimmer Presents, the largest independent festival producer in the United States, Corey Taylor and his management team at 5B Artists + Media put on an unprecedented, one-of-a-kind, pay-per-view concert experience and provided work to approximately 80 event staff.


Taylor’s debut solo album, CMFT, was released on Friday, October 2nd, via Roadrunner Records, Garnering widespread critical applause already, FORBES declare, “Corey Taylor’s singing is undeniably the best it’s ever been. From Slipknot’s last album to his new solo material, Taylor is easily among the best sounding rock singers alive,” and KERRANG! describing the new material as “A celebration of life, and one that shows him in a whole new light.” Taylor recently released a music video for “Black Eyes Blue,” which has entered the Top 10 at Active Rock Radio, surpassing previous first week chart numbers from both Slipknot and Stone Sour. Additionally, Taylor hit #1 on Billboard’s “Hard Rock Songwriters” chart following the unprecedented debut of lead singles, “Black Eyes Blue” and “CMFT Must Be Stopped” [feat. Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie], the latter of which has racked up in excess of 3 million YouTube views for its star-studded music video. He recently unveiled his “HWY 666” with an official lyric video and, most recently, shared an animated video for track “Culture Head” All songs are available on all streaming platforms.

On the fiery and fearless rock ‘n’ roll opus, Taylor touches on lifelong influences ranging from hard rock to classic rock, punk rock to hip-hop. CMFT has been a long time coming, with newly penned songs appearing alongside a few dating back to his teens. Recorded at Hideout Studio in Las Vegas, with producer Jay Ruston and his band – Christian Martucci [guitar], Zach Throne [guitar], Jason Christopher [bass], and Dustin Robert [drums] – the album traces a wild and exhilarating roadmap through Taylor’s musical psyche. Now, with Forum Or Against ‘Em, COREY TAYLOR is bringing his wildly diverse musical collection to life. Do not miss out on catching Taylor’s vision for this incredible streaming event, purchase tickets now from

I’m headed over to snag a ticket now! I am so intrigued to see how this show translates to the various screens with a few questions perched in my mind whilst watching the show: Will this show cure the craving for live music? Is live streaming the synthetic cure for concerts that for now have to replace the real thing? After having witnessed COREY in several different live scenarios in SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR will this show live up to my expectations? And can the COREY TAYLOR and JASON CHRISTOPHER that rode in the middle back seat of my Hyundai Sonata from the airport to dinner at The Palm in Dallas back in 09, continue to wow a virtual audience like they both did that weekend at RFD 09?

My answers to follow soon, Lovelies!

Til Next Time – MLMR – Cherri

The info in this post comes from an the band’s official press release and and has been verified as true and accurate.