WITH MAIN SUPPORT FROM THE ACACIA STRAIN FEATURING: SPITE, LEFT BEHIND & TRAITORS Making your way politely, mind you, through a sold out crowd at any venue is a challenge. Especially when a band is playing and you’re trying to be nice in screaming, “Excuse me, sorry, pardon, sorry, sorry…IRead More →

UNTIED TO UNWIND: KNOTFEST 2019 Well, I can’t claim the last part of the title is true, I mean I don’t know that I even know what cholesterol is or should be let alone how to lower that pesky wad of goo. You’re probably thinking that a metal show hasRead More →

Are you a real fan of rock/metal music? If you are, then KILLSWITCH ENGAGE should be named on the back of your Rocker Membership Card and if it isn’t, well I might need to evaluate your membership status. Named as one of the founders of the genre Metalcore, KILLSWITCH ENGAGERead More →