WHY IT’S OFF TREND TO QUESTION ANYTHING IN 2020 Stay away from “conspiracy theorists” they say adding, “conspiracy theories” are dangerous because they take the focus away from the reality of what is happening instead of focusing on the sense of what is happening. They give people and their opinionsRead More →


HERE ARE FIVE REASONS WHY FRONTMAN FOR FALLING IN REVERSE MAKES IT EASY TO THINK HE IS 1. DEFINE ROCK STAR What do you think defines a “Rock Star”? Especially in today’s seemingly progressive culture, where being politically correct, becoming and remaining without err, and whatever other unrealistic stigmas thatRead More →

There is something wrong. You’ve felt it your entire life and I’m not quoting lines from The Matrix either. What lies within the message of the songs on “There Is Something Wrong” is the truth etched into the songs with a fervor. Titles like “FFF (False Flag Flying)”, “Smash Reset Control” and “Diethanasia”Read More →