Ultra Black Drops November 1 Via eOne


New Jersey rock disruptors AMERICAN GRIM are here to challenge the status quo and to shake up the culture of fake outrage with their gritty, riff-driven anthems.

“Ultra Black pushes the concept that evil persists through this world and universe but you can ALWAYS overcome and kill any demons that crawl inside your mind,”

– Ryan Grim, Singer for AMERICAN GRIM

“‘Nightmare’ is about life and society breaking down but knowing and believing you can always prevail and rise above,” said Grim. “The video is a grueling display of being caught in a mind-altering nightmare that may leave you a changed being upon awakening.”

– Ryan Grim, Singer for AMERICAN GRIM

American Grim conjure the rich history of theatricality found in cinematic horror and dark literature, with the unrelenting energy of traditional hardcore, the massive propulsive hooks of post-industrial, and the unashamed weirdness of classic nü-metal.