Band Teams Up with Revolver Magazine For Oct 8th Drive-In Concert – This Thursday!! Lake Shore Drive-In In Chicago, IL If I could be a fly on a car windshield, alive that is, I would be in Chicago Thursday for sure!! Why you ask? Isn’t it everyone’s dream to beRead More →

“Don’t Mention Love” from Dallas’ Own SECRET OF BORIS Tells All Amidst A Pandemic There’s something stirring around the country, can you feel it? I can. Starting out with some big releases from bands like BLACK STONE CHERRY and SEVENDUST coming in October, the energy of music is breaking freeRead More →

WHY IT’S OFF TREND TO QUESTION ANYTHING IN 2020 Stay away from “conspiracy theorists” they say adding, “conspiracy theories” are dangerous because they take the focus away from the reality of what is happening instead of focusing on the sense of what is happening. They give people and their opinionsRead More →