FRONZILLA & the fellas have a new record that drops Friday the 22nd of February. And I have been waiting for this release since it was announced late last year. ATTILA brought me into the fold in 2016 with the release of "Chaos" and then sealed the FFL (Fan For Life) deal when I saw them perform on their Chaos Tour with EMMURE, CHELSEA GRIN, and SYLAR. I love ATTILA and I'm totally fine with that.

There is no explanation why ATTILA is one of my favorite bands since 2016 if some outsider were to try and generalize me with a "typical" ATTILA fan. It might be interesting though to ask a stranger to listen to a song or two from ATTILA and describe what they think an ideal female fan would look like, hmm....who says ideas can't come from putting pen to paper?

Anyway, I digress from the subject at hand. And look, I'm not in any way saying that there is a "stereotypical" female fan (or male) for ATTILA or any band for that matter. I love the metal-rap, blast beats, guitar riffs that remind me of 80's hair metal, the growls from the pit of FRONZ'S gut, the high-pitched, wild-animal-like screaming, and the tell-all tempos of ATTILA'S music. Oh, and BTW I am not offended by the C you next Tuesday word and no just because a man uses this word does not make him a misogynist. (As a general rule, people aren't what a word describes them as until their actions match that definition; just throwing that out there in case you're wondering.)

ATTILA is a fun AF party band that puts on an electric show because their music reaches across many genre boundaries which is great news for fans of metalcore, nu-metal, hardcore, hair metal, rap-rock, and any fan of rock in general.

Loving their last record like a diabetic loves sugar, their LP "Villain" has a ton to live up to. So, let's go track by track as I listen the first time through, jotting down my thoughts as I listen, shall we?

Let's go!

PERDITION - from the jump, this 1:46 into to the record is like walking down a dark hall of your friend's creep house. It's scary AF and a little creepy, but it's not a terrified feeling - it's the feeling that you might have had sneaking out of your house to go party with your friends in high school. This intro will zap you in the ass, just like that relief you felt getting out of the door.

VILLAIN - the title track is blistering and moves you in the core. This is the anthem for those of us that will do what FRONZ says because banging our head is how we've managed to stay 6 feet above ground thus far! I love the guitar and bass combination of notes that fire off with those blasts of beats. FRONZ is metalcore pure gold in this song; like gold nugget on 24k chain gold good!

BLACKOUT - I haven't been since about 2002 but who wants to blackout and miss partying with ATTILA? You'd miss what is packed in this song, that's for sure. There are sick beats and big booms that rattle you all the way to the dark parts, my lovelies. And let's be honest, who doesn't like a nice hum of a heavy vibration coming off those subs, you know? BLACKOUT will do that to ya...

NEW ADDICTION - the riff starts this song off like the bang of the starting gun and even though I don't run unless chased, this track is like the Lust Potion No. 69; HOT! Metal-porn with a beat that will knock both of your socks off. I love that all of the elements that I love and that make ATTILA loved by fans are represented in this 3:19 track.

STILL ABOUT IT - I need you all to be honest here, who doesn't love the "c" word? Especially when FRONZ whispers in your ear seconds into the track (:07 to be exact). This track grinds out more than the signature ATTILA sound! Bang it with some slick AF guitars and join the sing-a-long bitches!!

TOXIC - I LOVE THIS SONG! There's so much in life that is toxic and where ATTILA soars is pointing out the toxicity at whatever this song is talking about. For me, I can take a specific thing in my life and identify with not only some of the lyrics, but the dragging tempo and the guitar tones along with the bass that throcks like a rock in a dryer - it's perfect for releasing some of that energy that is wasted on mental-masturbation that thinking does. Instead, I'll just turn up TOXIC and work that shit out...

IT IS WHAT IT IS - this song is why I adore ATTILA. Words aren't minced, emotions are shit out and worked out within 3 minutes and 07 seconds. This is a mantra of sorts, a call to remember who the fuck we are and that some situations are just what they are, IT IS WHAT IT IS. Beautiful and heavy guitar solo from ___.

SUBHUMAN - if there were to be a couples skate song from ATTILA, this might rank. I dig the changes in tempo and keys that unlike the title suggests, gives me a human quality about the band because don't we all have demons that sing us to sleep from time to time? The bridge to the outtake of the last 30 seconds is bad ass, wait for it.

MANIPULATE -  the chorus is big in this track. Both lyrically and musically. It's power comes from the drag in the bounce of the beats and the mix of the hiss of FRONZ'S vocals. I have felt like this, and this is one of those songs that I hope they include on their live setlist. Because if I wasn't old AF and afraid of getting my ass kicked, I would run around in the circle pit like a mother fuckin' Tasmanian devil, no joke.

BAD HABITS - FRONZ and the fellas are masters at using the music they create to translate an actual emotion. BAD HABITS is a perfect example of how I feel about shame and turning it out not only to define it for me, but their translation gives me the ability to flip that shit off in the same description. Look, there are some nice modern elements in this track that will stir up your gut, especially if you have had or are having some tumultuous times in your life. This is a song that echos in a lot of ways after it's over.

I think that's why the protagonist in this record is a villain and why the record might be called just that: "VILLAIN". Listen, what I hear here (here, here!!) is the rise and fall of the bad guy and the realization of one's true self: whatever that is. "VILLAIN" defines the dark parts in people, in situations, in taboo topics but somewhere in the mix of the 10 track record, there are all of the killer things about ATTILA that we love. But that's not to say that this is just another record from CHRIS "FRONZ" FRONZAK, CHRIS LINCK, KALAN BLEHM, and BRYAN MCCLURE.

Hell no, it's not. The energy we love about ATTILA is injected with rock serum that puffs up what they do best in bringing it heavy.  "VILLAIN" gives fans more of those drops that wake us from the trance of the hum-drum of life. LINCK goes above the bar with some truly brilliant solos and melodic riffs that draw you into the song, while KALAN and BRYAN dump those lows that make me wanna punch a wall or ram my head into a glass door as a sheer reaction to the energy! (Now of course, I would not ram my head into anything - it's just an expression so that you know I'm dead ass serious, so don't think this is due to anger or anything like that, mkay?? Mkay.)

Get ready for tomorrow my Lovelies and get ready to be jousted by ATTILA yet again with the release of "VILLAIN"!!

Til Next Time - MRML - Cherri

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