CAPTURE – 2019


It’s gotta be like a holiday or something for the guys in CAPTURE, because they’ve got a new record, a new OMV (Official Music Video) for the single “No Cure” AND they’re pushing off for tour with ALESANA in a couple of sleeps! It’s a banner day, week, month and year for Jeffrey Welfare, Manny Dominick, AND Erik Vaughn Weatherford III wouldn’t you say? I totally would! The button below lists all the dates for the upcoming tour and you can’t miss it!

I just had the new record LOST CONTROL on pete and repeat earlier this morning in preparation for my chat with Jeff and look, I’ll be frank here – I’m totally gaga for the whole album! So, of course, I’ll have a review coming up along with the interview where Jeff and I discuss a few tracks and the meaning of life…and of course, we did answer that age old question, so you’re going to want to tune in when that interview is all set up nice and pretty for y’all!!

In the meantime – here’s “No Cure” and their theatric OMV – down below! Watch it and let me know what you think! nO, DON’T LET ME KNOW – I TAKE THAT BACK…LET THE BAND KNOW WITH A BIG OL’ LIKE AND A fOLLOW ON iNSTA!

WATCH IT!! The OMV from CAPTURE “No Cure”

No Cure Off the Upcoming Record from Artery Records, Lost Control from CAPTURE

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