Come on!!! Y’all have lost your ever-lovin’ minds!

Amidst the pandemic, there’s pandemonium. It seems to be politically spawned and frankly, I’ve had it. Each side will say they want to resolve issues in a bipartisan way over the many problems sprouting up all over the country due to the Bat Flu or CCP Virus (Coronavirus 19), but, what middle are they starting from? 

The Republicans and Democrats aren’t working towards a bipartisan solution to challenges Americans are facing and if they are, they’re not starting in the same middle ground. Nationwide local and State governments seem to want to duke it out over guidelines for their citizens. Here in Dallas, a political tinderbox between Donkeys and Elephants is at risk of igniting as Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins (Donkey) is contradicting the Elephant Governor Abbott’s Virus Guidelines in trying to impose people to wear masks, requiring but not requiring residents to stay at home, while the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (Elephant) sends letters to counties that are imposing “Orwellian” regulations that are unconstitutional. Citizens are being sentenced to jail for working and then released by State Ordered Proclamation. Senator Ted Cruz (Elephant) came to Dallas for a haircut and BEOC President Trump is tweeting about these shenanigans. 

WTF is going on, I mean really going on? Why on God’s Green Earth – that is currently a cesspool riddled with a Coronavirus and shut down, mind you – are politicians drawing a line, pouring gas on it, and lighting it on fire, now? Both sides know that it’s impossible to get anywhere when the middle is ablaze and no one is going to come close to a solution that is in the middle-ground for either side. Reason being: it’s ON FIRE and HOT AF! Who wants to approach that? Who wants to be the one to extinguish it so that the two sides can start to work it out? No one. That’s who. 

Look, we can all see what’s going on here. This circus sideshow is politically orchestrated and politically fused for a reason, or so they think. Well, I hate to break it to these politicians, but we see through the veil you claim we are wearing (or the veil you have placed on our heads unwillingly). This has to stop because frankly, I’m over it and want a solution, tute suite. We The People are sick of this jibber-jabber and demand any and all political and public servants to stop and hear us. We The People employ you; you do not control us, so knock it off!

All around me, businesses are closing their doors for good, while people are suffering with the uncertainty of the future. Daily, I place an ‘X’ on bars and restaurants that have shut their doors, calling it quits in Deep Ellum. The neighborhood that was growing like a beanstalk, has become a ghost town overnight while politicians argue over platform-based semantics. We have to have facts, we have to be correctly informed about the issues that we are facing head on, but can’t because we are given incorrect and inconclusive information. 

Permanent closures in Dallas, TX due to Covid19. Lizard Lounge, Highland Park Cafeteria, Harlow, Punch Bowl Social, Blue Light Dallas

Elephants vye for businesses to reopen gradually, Donkeys want to lock it up until 2021 if not longer. Citizens want to return to some kind of normalcy; new, old, whatever the case, we want to return to our lives! 

Look here political whiz-kids that work for us; the People: we aren’t stupid like some of you think we are. And you all know that. And if you know that, then you have to know that it is reasons like this, which made us turn our backs on politics when we were in our 20’s in the first place! We literally stopped paying attention because of this ridiculous battle, the War of Donkeys and Elephants, to be “right”. We watched both sides become obsessed with POWER OVER THE PEOPLE, instead of POWER TO THE PEOPLE. We threw up our hands in 2001 after some of us questioned happenings on 9-11 because we were condemned and shamed for even asking questions and others walked away because your defense of the happenings on that day didn’t add up either. We have been yanked around long enough.

IDGAF if there is a Deep State, a Cabal, or a Pinaverium of Elites that make decisions for the global population fortnightly. I want my friends and fellow countrymen to have their lives back. I want to see and hear people walk below my loft window again. I want the bands I love and the band I haven’t heard of yet to be able to get back on the road. I want to go to stores again without having to worry about being turned away because I’m not wearing a mask. I want to be able to freely move about the cabin again and protect myself and my family from “bugs” the way we used to by washing hands or the slight overuse of hand sanitizer again. 

Moreover, I want to believe that my elected officials have my back. I want to feel like the people that were elected – Donkey or Elephant – are not working for a dark or light agenda. I want to be Free, as the Constitution affords me to be. I want the truth, where applicable (I can handle more than you think I can). I want to support the Country of my Birth and feel a part of it again. I want to be an American again. 

So you Politicians – whatever “side” you’re on, get it together! Work for the People and work within the constraints of the Constitution and work from the baseline of why this country was founded in the first place! Stop purporting the divisions and bring us together! Because I am tired of worrying about my friends and my family’s future. I am tired of living in this unfounded and non-fact-based fear that is being force-fed to Americans daily. That said, I am also tired of my fellow Americans being so accepting of information just because it is “on the news” or “in the paper” and help all of us see that the information is out there that we need to make an informed decision. We have to take the time and effort to find it – and now is the perfect time to do so. What more do you have to do?

Give me liberty, or give me death for the love of everything crispy and tasty!! 

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri


This isn’t some homework assignment to write a research paper or spend nine hours on each bullet point. In fact, just copy and paste the question into a browser and see what you come up with. Just remember, it’s just as destructive to read something from a site that hasn’t been verified or is not an official site like or the websites for State’s governments.

  • Should people wear masks in public if they’re not sick?
  • Are State’s mandates on closing “non-essential” businesses Constitutional?
  • What is the death rate for the CCP Virus?
  • How many people in your area have the CCP Virus?
  • Is the CCP Virus more dangerous than Influenza A and/or B?
  • Why did Dr. Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task Force say that the “flu was no more”?
  • How many State Governors or City Mayors have Chinese funding within their cities? (Hint: Confucius University)
  • What political party dominates in the states that have extended or that are planning to extend the stay at home orders?
  • Are members of the Press required to wear masks when attending Press Briefings at the White House?
  • How many times has the Main Stream Media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX reported fake news or stories that are not true or half true?