All That Remains Brings Jason Richardson Into the Fold


Late last year, the band ALL THAT REMAINS, lost lead guitarist and founding member OLI HERBERT in an unexpected and untimely death .Rock lost an amazing player and ATR fans lost a hero. When someone passes away, it's difficult but I can't imagine how the feelings of loss and grief are compounded for band members when a member passes away. The reminders in the music, fans paying their respects in cities visited on tour, and being asked in interviews. In some respects though, it might be better because you would have to deal with it on an emotional level as well as a professional level. I think sometimes death becomes so final for a lot of us that we feel that in some ways in order to get over someone's passing we have to forget about them. That if we talk about them after a certain amount of time has passed, we're somehow holding on in an unhealthy way to something we should let go of.

This, of course, is utter bullshit. My whole life, after my dad passed away when I was 10, I felt like I couldn't talk about him anymore or I thought my mom would get mad if I was to tell a story about him, mention him, or if I said I missed him. See, they divorced when I was only about three and my mom wanted to erase him from our lives after that. Now, she had her reasons and I'm not saying she was right or wrong for her feelings but I knew that mentioning his name was painful for her. This isn't about her though. For whatever reasons, be it stemmed from her or from within myself, death became something that I thought was final.

Since the ripe age of 10 though, I've slowly learned that death isn't final and it is just as much a part of life as all of the things in the middle. And so I am not afraid anymore to talk about those people that have passed away. Music allows us to remember things in ways that can be quite healing if we let it.

I'm so glad that JASON RICHARDSON is joining ALL THAT REMAINS so that his insane talent can continue the work that the band created with last year's Victim of the New Disease and the previous work from the band. Born Of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, and All Shall Perish was the soil where JASON RICHARDSON firmly rooted himself in and allowed him to foster and grow the natural talent that he has. I covered his solo tour a year or so back and I had to pick myself up off the ground after leaving that show. He's been the only guitar soloist that I have actually enjoyed watching live. His mastery of this instrument is inspiring and in my opinion, his past has led him to this moment as he joins ALL THAT REMAINS.

ALL THAT REMAINS are returning to the road in support of their latest, critically lauded effort Victim of the New Disease. The band suffered a tragic and incredibly painful loss last fall ahead of the album's release when their globally renowned, highly respected, and immeasurably talented lead guitarist and founding member Oli Herbert, who played on all nine albums in the band's discography, unexpectedly passed away. The band announced today that they're joining  ATTILAESCAPE THE FATE, and SLEEP SIGNALS on a US tour later this winter.

Jason Richardson

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