There is something wrong.

You've felt it your entire life and I'm not quoting lines from The Matrix either. What lies within the message of the songs on "There Is Something Wrong" is the truth etched into the songs with a fervor. Titles like "FFF (False Flag Flying)", "Smash Reset Control" and "Diethanasia" relay a message that has gone from conspiracy to reality within months. What's been wrong, is well, everything.

Oddly enough, the release of this record comes on the same day that news of the coup to take down President Trump is released to the masses, coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences anymore. I believe that we have been grossly fooled by a group of people that think nothing of the majority of Americans. I believe this group of people have intentionally broken the American way of life, the American Dream, if you will, down to almost nothing.

For the last 50+ years, this group has been actively plotting and planning to infiltrate the highest office in the government in order to fulfill an agenda that is based on some of the most insane I have ever researched in my life. Now, I'm not going to go into these reasons in a post about AFTERMATH's newest record. If you're not familiar with what the Trump Presidency or the Deep State and what has been happening to expose this cabal, you can visit my YouTube Playlist that has a conglomerate of videos about what is happening. Now, I will say this: this has nothing to do with politics, it has nothing to do with Trump as a person or the president. This has to do with the division in our country and why it exists. These videos speak to answering what AFTERMATH's newest record is about; SOMETHING WRONG. You don't have to believe me, or you don't have to believe everything that the videos speak to. But if you believe that there is something f'ed up, but can't put your fingers on it, watch some of these videos. But if you fancy yourself as having an open mind, or want to find out for yourself what is wrong, then start by doing some of your own digging around, watch these videos, or research for yourself! Just don't believe everything that the "news" tells you, ok? Pinky swear!

Getting the band back together around the same time that the Great Awakening begins in America is not a coincidence. Leaders of their sound in the 1980's and now leading the charge to wake up people of Earth to not only the Deep State in American government, but Patriots worldwide with the Yellow Vest movement in Paris to the much needed exodus from the EU by Britain, AFTERMATH'S newest record gives Patriots music to move to.

AFTERMATH is one of the original crossover bands of the 1980s - A crossover band that transformed into one of the most technical Thrash Metal bands of their time.

"You've read or heard about the phrase False Flag, but never paid attention until you saw it used on YouTube or some other social media sites. False flag events happen more than you think and they're not specific to one country. The lyrics of the track and the images on the video are meant to alert you. They are a call to WAKE UP. Your governments aren’t your friends or your protectors. Know your enemy." FFF - Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis